Getting Ready For Santa.


Oh how I love Christmas!  The time spent with the family, the food and the all round merriment.  But what I love the best is presents, I love buying them and I love receiving them.  This year I shall be spending a small fortune on my family, friends and Jaimie. To me there’s nothing better than seeing the look on their faces when they open a gift.  I like to by different gifts, it’s all about quality over quantity for me and this year I don’t intend to be any different.

For me I only ask for a few things.  Mainly clothes, shoes (I can be quite materialistic), with the odd gadget thrown in.

I thought I would share just a few of things that I would like from Santa this year:

ASOS Pumpkin Suede Pointed Court Shoe £60.00

Vintage Pressed Glass Two Tier Cake Stand Pink £29.50

Adult Apron – Ginger £14.99

ASOS Canvas & Leather Strapping Bag £45.00

Kinect with Kinect Adventures, Dance Central and Kinect Sports (Xbox 360) £184.99

I’m not asking for much…. Am I?


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