A Busy Few Days.


Which has halted me from ‘blogging’.

Since Friday night, I have been working…..  And it has been busy busy busy.  I had no time to spend with friends or Jaimie, as soon as I have finished a shift it’s straight to bed, sleep and then I would be back in work 12 hours or less.  The joys of working shifts!  Friday night had to be the worst, it was the opening night of Harry Potter and the amount of mess that the customers left was UNREAL.  Because of this I didn’t get home until 3:30am on Saturday, half an hour after I should have finished.

Luckily, I have the next few days off and can now catch up on all the college work that I have missed out on.  Marketing, Business, IT and I can make haste with organising my groups event (which I’m so very excited about!), of which I am the Finance Officer.  I intend to have a lot finished by tomorrow, we shall see if I stick to this….


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