Can We Pull It Off.


If you have read the little piece that I have written about myself, then you would already know that I am an HNC Events Management student.  I LOVE my course and hope one day to be working in the Events Industry.  Now as part of my course I have been put into a group of 4 and we must produce an event by next year. We start off with no money, do some fundraising to go towards the main event, get in contact with charities, sponsors, pick a venue etc.
My group I had come up with the idea of holding a charity fashion show and today we visited one of the possible venues, the Ghillie Dhu, which is situated in the west end of town.  It’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL and we would love to hold our event there, the ‘small’ problem with the Ghillie Dhu is that it is going to cost us £500, but they could provide us with all of the things to make our event that extra bit special (eeeeeeeeek!).  I’m sure we could raise the money to hire, but we also want to raise enough for our chosen charity.
We will need to check out a few more venues in the next couple of weeks also.

Fingers crossed everything works out us and that we can organise one of the events of the year!


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