Teapots, Lattes And More Snow.

My weekend.

Saturday, I spent the evening at my dads retirement drinks party, which was held in the house and never made it into town for Amy & Claire’s birthday bash. Yesterday however me and Jaimie traipsed into town for a wander round the shops and a Starbucks Christmas coffee, they are AMAZE!  It was sooooo cold when we got into town, so Starbucks was our first port of call for an Xmas coffee.  I have only have the Toffee Nut and yesterday was the turn of the Gingerbread latte, all I can say is yummy!  They also have Eggnog and Peppermint, Jaimie had the Peppermint (which I managed to sneak a taste of).  They are all worth a try, even for the non coffee lovers out there as it’s not a strong taste of coffee.

From there we had a look in my two new favourite shops I Love Candy and BiBi’s Bakery, I intend to buy A LOT from those shops in the next couple of weeks.  Both shops are situated on Hanover St. and are equally fabby and I could happily spend hours and a lot money in these shops!








Once we had dragged ourselves out of I love Candy & BiBi’s we headed down onto Princes St. and had a look in a few more shops, including BHS which have a nice wee 20% off on top of the sale prices.  They have some lovely things in at the moment and I picked myself up a beautiful vintage teapot for £7.98, now I’m not a tea drinker but my plan is to use it for ‘pot tails’ when folks come round to my house, it’s also a nice bit of decoration.

After spending a few hours in town we nipped back to Jaimie’s so he could pick up some stuff for tomorrow before making the journey back to my house.  Because he lives off a main road his street was amazing, it had barely been touched by cars and looked like a winter wonderland!  The snow in the front garden was nearly up to my knees, and I took great pleasure in running about in it, I was like a big kid!  We eventually made it home after missing 2 buses and walking most of the way back to mine, 9pm was the time we made it back to mine and we were so tired and hungry that we quickly had dinner, jumped into bed, watched Iron Man 2 and then fell asleep.


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