Winter Wonderland & German Market, Where All My Money Is Spent.


Every year in the month of December, Edinburgh’s Princess Street gardens is turned into a place of Christmas cheer, there is music, food, drinks and fairground rides in abundance. Which can mean only one thing….  The German Market and Winter Wonderland have come to town!


I think I have already been there 3 times in the space of a week,  but yesterday is when I took some of my hard earned pennies and put them to good use!

Jaimie and I got into town around 1 0’clock and soon met up with our friends Laura and Craig, the meeting point was the Mulled Wine stand and they couldn’t have picked a better place!  We got a seat, our cup of scrummy mulled wine where we had a catch up and people watched.  After about 20mins we thought it best to go and see if we could get some food, so we had a look in the German Market, but it was too busy and decided to nip over to the Winter Wonderland side and grab a hog roast roll.  After that I dragged everyone to get some fresh doughnuts with milk chocolate and white chocolate sauce, they were amazing and I wish I had taken a picture.  There was so many food stalls to choose from!  I have a feeling over the next few weeks I shall be sampling most of what’s on offer.


It’s not just food that they sell, there are lots of stalls which are selling home made gifts from Germany and a bar… Which we quickly sniffed out after polishing off our food.  The beer we had was very nice, but with most of the drinks there you have to put a deposit on your glass which is £3-£4.  So for 2 pints it came to £16!  I nearly fainted when I handed over the money, luckily you get you deposit back if you bring the glasses back to the bar.






















We could have spent all day there and a small fortune (which I did!), but we thought best to leave around four and head back to Laura and Craig’s for home made mulled wine and watch the final of the X Factor.

I have every intention on going back next week of an evening and taking a ride on the carousel and Big Wheel.  But for now, this post is done and I’m off to watch Christmas films.


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