Jessy Wessy.

My friend Martin had been wanting a puppy for yonks and finally at the end of November he got lil’ baby Jess!  She is a absolute babe and we all adore her, proper little girl who loves attention, snuggles and kisses.  She’s a cross bread and is about 11 weeks old now, they grow so fast!

So, yesterday Martin was working a mid day shift and we thought it would be a good idea to take Jess out with the girls for some fun.  Lisa picked up Jess, then Claire, Rachel and myself, we first took her to HolyRood Park to get a run around and she was going crazy!  Dragging us about the park and chasing us with her teeny tiny muddy paws (and managed to get all of us!).  Jess is still shy around other animals, so we decided to take her down to the swans and ducks to see how she would react.

After the Park we took her down to Portobello Beach so Jess could wash all the mud off her and run about in the sand.  As I was the only one of us wearing wellies, it was me who took her into the water which was great fun!  We stayed down there for about half an hour before heading home, poor Jess was so sleepy and fell asleep on me when we were in the car.  I can only imagine she slept as well as I did!


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