imageSo I have been humming and hawing over cutting in my fringe for donkeys now and out that found on they sell clip in fringes.  Well, when I seen this it went straight down on my Christmas list as a must have, I have grown out my fringe for over a year now as I got sick of always having to maintain it ( I am a var lazy gal!) and sought this as a fabby alternative option.  Has to be said, when you see them they do look like a bad toupee or merkin, but don’t let that put you off!

imageThey are under twenty squids (excluding p&p) and the website is one I have used since the age of 18, so I highly recommend them!  You can buy them with real hair or if you prefer thermofibre, I have gone for real hair.  If your like me and fancy a change in your hair style I would invest in one of these for sure.  It takes a little getting used to, trying to get the right position, making sure it’s clipped in etc…  But once in it looks cracking!


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