The Secret Garden.

imageOn Saturday 8th of January 2011, I went to the theatre!  First time I had been this year and that shouldn’t really come as a surprise considering that we’re only into the second week of  Jan…  Anyhoo’s, we went to see The Secret Garden which was shown at the Festival Theatre, my mum managed to get the tickets though her work and we only had to pay a couple of quid for them which was great considering we had amazing seats.  I brought along my friend Rachel as I knew she would enjoy it and my mum brought my auntie Lynne, so it was a girls evening out!  The place was packed, full of every generation.

imageI remember seeing the film years ago when I was a small child and loved it, it is based on the novel The Secret Garden written by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I will have to read the book now!  The theatre production had a musical twist to it which was lovely and well received.  The set design was fantastic as were the costumes, taking you back to 1910 (when it was set) and the scores were beautiful.  I would thoroughly recommend going to see it, but I would bring some tissues as it is a tad emotional!


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