Jack And The Beanstalk.

imageAnother trip to the theatre was had and this time round it was to the panto!  I hadn’t been for a couple of years and again these tickets were purchased via my mums work, so we managed to get them at a discounted price.  This time there was a huge group of us which included my aunties, uncles, cousins, their children, my mum and Jaimie, Jaimie had not been tot the panto for 20 years and was not looking forward to it.. But I dragged him there anyhoos(!).

imageEvery year at The Kings Theatre they put on a panto and this years was Jack And The Beanstalk which is running to Sunday 23rd Jan 2011.  As with all of these panto’s they have they usual line up, including Allan Stewart, Andy Gray and Grant Stott (From Edinburgh number one radio station, Forth One) who ALWAYS plays the baddie.  It was hilarious!  The place was packed and the jokes were going down a treat as were the songs, the highlight of the show was that my cousins daughter was picked to go up on stage and help the fairy transform ‘princess Apricot’ into Cheryl Cole (Tweedy or whatever she wants to be called these days).

People may think the panto is only for the kids, but the people who think or say that are no fun!  I had a lovely time with the family and hope to be going back next year.


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