Fashion Show.

Our event is fast approaching and we’re still deciding on a venue, we’ve looked a good few places but there always seems to be something that stands in our way of booking one and it all comes down to money.  Today me and the girls looked at another venue (they had already seen it, but I had missed the viewing due to being ill) and it was BEAUTIFUL!  They have everything we are looking for except for one thing… Chairs… They would be costing us a couple of hundred pounds which we can’t afford to spend for one night(!)  The good thing is is that we can do our own out sourcing and see if we can find a cheaper option, which is what we would prefer to do.  I think most of my evening shall be taken up looking for suitable seating at affordable prices (or free!).

We have another venue viewing on Friday and we are hoping this one has everything we are after, when I spoke to the gentleman on the phone he assured me that everything was free, unless we wanted a DJ and that would cost us £100.  So fingers crossed for this one!

By the end of this week we will have a venue, posters and flyers, clothing and accessories, raffle and auction prizes and maybe a couple of models.  To be honest this is my optimism showing through and wishful thinking, but with the pressure comes determination and we will make this a successful event!


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