Robin Hood And Maid Marion.

On Saturday morning me and J took a little trip down to Nottingham to visit his granny, it was an early start for us as the flight down there was at 9:30am from Edinburgh Airport.  Jaimie awoke at 6 and so did I, which was a pain in the bum as I would have liked to sleep that little bit longer… But no such luck!

The flight down there was a quick one, I think it was just over an hour(?!), I tried my best to sleep throughout the entire journey as I was pooped!  We arrived at East Midlands Airport just after 10am and hopped on the airlink bus to Nottingham town centre and had a quick look around before getting another bus to Jaimie’s grans house.  She lives in a small village half an hour outside Nottingham and it’s lovley!  Her house I HUGE and in such a lovely setting, sadly his gran is living in a care home as she is not very well, so we had the place to ourselves, it felt strange her not being there but we did a good job at looking after her house.

We took a little visit to her care home to see her and I also got to meet his auntie (who is just lovely!).  We also managed a spot of lunch in the village where J’s granny’s home is.

Sunday was me and J’s day, we didn’t go to visit his gran as she likes to have the Sunday to rest.

Our whole day was planned, get up, showered, dressed, breakfast, bus into Nottingham, visted Nottingham Castle, the Jerusalem Pub (oldest in England?!), their museum, lunch, shopping, walk about town and popped into another old pub, last bus home.  That was our day, we had loads of fun and the weather picked up in the afternoon which was great!  In the evening we played cards and dominos and drank Martini’s.


Monday we got up early and took another trip to see J’s granny, she is an absolute doll and I love her to bits.  When it was time for her lunch we nipped out to a small cafe for some scran and a wee walk around, we popped back to see her for an hour and then we had to make tracks to the airport.

On the airport bus my friend who works at Edinburgh Airport texted me to tell me that our flight was delayed and we would now be departing East Midlands Airport until 19:50pm instead of 17:00pm(!!!).  Needless to say we were pissed, so we hot footed it to the bmi customer sales desk and get our food vouchers… all £9 of them!   It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would have been, hanging around an airport, we had a giggle in duty free where I picked up (another) pair of sunglasses.

We finally got home at 20:40pm and I was so sleepy I went straight to my bed!  That was my busy weekend, now back to the grind.


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