Cream O’ Galloway.

I LOVE Cream O’ Galloway ice cream and when me and Jaimie were away on our mini break to Dumfries and Galloway we knew we HAD to go to the farm where they make it (and have an adventure playground).  When we arrived we headed straight to where they sell the ice cream, they had a crazy selection of  flavours.  We both got 3 scoops each, Jaimie’s was in a tub and I had a waffle cone, ‘sadly’ my cone cracked so I got another cone which was placed over the cracked cone ( I HAD A DOUBLER, AMAZE!), I chose strawberry, rum & coconut and chocolate, Jaimie’s choices were gingerbread, banana & chocolate and whisky and oats.  THEY WERE DELISH!  We sat outside in the sunshine and munched away, while we were sitting eating our treats Jaimie noticed that there was a group of people waiting to go and visit some lambs, I wasn’t sure if we could make it onto the tour but as luck would have it we could!  We had a small introduction to the lambs and their mummy’s… Then we got to hold the youngest lamb (only 3 days old!), I FELL IN LOVE and desperately wanted to take it home with me but, Jaimie told me that I wasn’t allowed *sad face*.  


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