Bye Bye Bye.

Since my accident (nearly 8 weeks ago) I have taken EVERY opportunity to go out, in 2 weeks I have had 3 all nighters(!).  

The first night out was for my manager Johnny who was leaving to work in London as a film buyer for Vue (Lucky bugger).  The night started off with everyone meeting in Walkabout for drinks, it was great for me as I hadn’t seen ANY of my work buds for the 6 weeks I was off.  After Walkabout we popped along to Buddy Mulligans down the Grassmarket, then Opium where I thought it would be an AMAZING idea to get up and dance with a gamy foot/ankle (smart move Marshall…), once we had been kicked out of Opuim and the dust has settled from a small confrontation the last place to go was the casino.  This place is a complete dive, but it is open all night/morning, by the time we got there everyone was starting to feel sleepy and some people decided to head home, but not me!  I was there until the bitter end and drunk drunk drunk!  I got home at 9am the next day.  It was a top night and an amazing send off for Mr Carr. 

My FAV picture from the night (Abbie & Myself wasted)

(Some of the Vue crew!)


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