Day Trip To Glasgow.

A couple of weeks ago I organised a day trip away with some folks from work and our chosen destination was Glasgow, there was only the 4 of us that went Myself, Fiona, Mike and Danny.  We managed to get a return fare for the 4 of us for only £22 which is a bloody bargain!  We spent the train journey playing cards and having a laugh, when we arrived we thought it best to have a wander around and do a little shopping, after a couple of hours of going in and out of shops our tummies were rumbling and we needed to have some food and cocktails(!), we managed to find a bar just off Buchanan St. which served really good and cheap food, Fiona and myself had a couple of cocktails which left us tipsy, after lunch we did some more shopping, had a drink in an Irish bar and then got the train home.  






Work was holding a staff screening of X Men: First Class, so once home we popped to Walkabout for drinks and a meeting point for folks, I drank waaaaaaaay too much wine and got even more tipsy (drunk) before the showing.  I loved the film and thought it a good idea to go for another drink after the film finished… So at 2:3oam myself and Napes hot footed it to Pivo had one drink and then it was time to go home.  I was shattered and I was drunk, I needed my bed!

Twas another successful day trip and I hope to plan more in the coming months!  


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