Review: Sublime Mousse.

Last night I decided to dye my hair, I had coloured it the week before with just a wash out dye and thought this time that I would go for a more permanent colour.  So whilst in ASDA I picked up L’Oreal’s Sublime Mousse in Pure Brown (#50) for £7, I had never tried a mousse hair dye before and had heard only good things about it.  Now I normally have to buy 2 boxes of dye as my hair is long, but with the mousse I only needed the one which is great news for me and anyone with long hair.  The mousse is FAB(!) it goes on smoothly and it’s non drip formula, you have to wait the normal 30 minutes and once that’s up you go through the routine of rinsing and conditioning the hair.  It came out a beautiful brown and oh so shiny and soft!  It was strange to see my hair so dark as I had been light for ages, but I am loving the colour (It goes well with my tan!).  So if you are looking into dying your hair go for L’Oreal’s Sublime Mousse, it’s well worth the £7.  


(I had to fit that in there somehow!)


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