Kodak Mini.

I was on Play.com last week looking for the Zumba game for Kinect when I came across this little beaut, the Kodak Mini in grey.  It’s £29.99 and with all items from Play.com the shipping is free (which can take 3-5 days), anyhoos it arrived on Saturday morning and I was super happy with my purchase!  The camcorder is dinky, slim, lightweight and with a good resolution.  It takes pictures as well as 3 different types of video, you do need an SD card as there is minimal space without one and it will only let you capture a few minutes of video and take a few hundred pictures.  The Kodak Mini comes in 3 colours, grey, red and blue, this is a simple device that anyone can use and it also has an easy upload to Facebook and YouTube via the software which is installed on the camcorder which downloads into your PC or Laptop with the usb connection (which flips out), you also use the usb to charge the camcorder.  I’ve been playing about with it and I LOVE it.  So if you’re looking for an affordable camcorder/camera I highly recommend the Kodak Mini.





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