Livin’ On A Prayer.

Last night myself and Jaimie headed along to Murrayfield to see Bon Jovi, I’m not the biggest fan and wasn’t too fussed about seeing them but Jaimie managed to buy the tickets for £15 each.  Now, for £15 we weren’t expecting amazing seats and we right to think that as we were 6 rows from the back, at the very top!  I could hardly see a thing, I don’t think even bringing my glasses would have made a difference, we were that far away.  But that didn’t stop ourselves having a good time(!), the crowd were in high spirits and up for a good Bon Jovi-ing, they played a few songs that I knew which had me on my feet singing along (even Jaimie was singing!), but for most of the show they played their new stuff, which is fine, but I don’t know any of it….  We left before the encore so we could get home at a decent time and not to get caught up in the crowds, the bus we got into to was a crazy bus, with a drunk Polish man singing a medley of songs to the passengers that kept me entertained until it was my stop!  







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