I’m Needing A New.

Swimsuit and I am wanting one that has a vintage/retro look to it.  So I have been trolling through the t’internet and have come across a couple of beauts, now I’ve found some STUNNING swimsuits but they are priced around the £60 mark and to be honest I don’t fancy spending that amount of money on one, I am hoping to keep the price at £30(ish) or less.  Now I don’t go swimming that much, but I would like to get back into it, also when I’m down in Norfolk there is a swimming pool and want to take full advantage of that hence me wanting to buy a new one.  There have only been a couple that have caught my eye from Topshop and New Look websites and THANKFULLY they are within my price range, also if I pop into the shop I get my student discount.  I’m considering buying BOTH of the Topshop items… We shall see!

Topshop £30

New Look £21.99

Topshop £26


One thought on “I’m Needing A New.

  1. Great choices, I love the vintage styles when it comes to swimwear, they always seem a lot more fun and bold with their colours and patterns x

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