D.I.Y. Ombre Hair.

Last night I stripped my hair of the dark brown/black and I am now a nice auburn colour and I had the idea of doing some do it yourself dip dying or ombre hair.  Now thankfully we had a light brown dye in the house that my mum had purchased a few weeks before and I decided as my mum wouldn’t be using it that I should commender it and use it for my little hair experiment.  Now instead of going for the blonde tips I thought I would go for a graduated brown on the auburn.  It’s really easy to do at home rather than paying lots of money at a hairdressers, not that there’s anything wrong with going to one, but I’m all about doing things on the cheap(!).  There are lots and lots of tutorials on YouTube for lots of fantastic ladies who have tried and tested.

All I did was decide how much of my ends that I wanted to darken (or lighten), apply the dye, wrap in tin foil and leave it on for 40 minutes, once the time was up I rinsed and dried.  For the final application I took a small section from the bottom and popped some more of the brown colour on wrapped in some more tin foil and left that for 20 minutes, rinsed off and tada! I have the reverse ombre hair!  I’m thinking of trying out the blonde in the coming months, but for now I’m pretty happy with the results! 




5 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Ombre Hair.

  1. how did you get the black out and make your hair that light? i hennaed my hair with black henna and the hairdressers say its super hard to lift out…

      1. ahh cool. did it take a few applications? i tried one called ‘Solfine Tecnic Reverse Crema Color’ which has taken away the hard regrowth line and made it ever so slightly lighter (reddish tint). am wondering if it is worth more applications or if the one you used is stronger…

  2. It only took one application :). There are two types of the hair stripper I use, one to remove darker coloour and a lighter remover, I would try the one I used which is the silver box for stronger both by Scott Conwall. I hope this helps! X

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