I Have Noticed. (A Quick Round Up)

That my last few blog posts have mainly been photographs with no text or description and I need to rectify this with an extremely LONG and arduous holiday post (and this one!), which I may or may not split into 2 or 3 posts as there is soooo much!

Apart from going on holiday (down to Norfolk for two weeks) I haven’t been up to a great deal, my granny passed away nearly a month ago which was a tough time for the whole family; she was unwell however it was an unexpected shock when the news came that she has pasted a way in her sleep.  She was an amazing and beautiful woman and I miss going round to visit her for a good old gossip and some scran.  She had a lovely send off and she would have been chuffed to see the amount of people that turned up, she had always said ‘no one will come to my funeral’, how wrong she was!

On a lighter note.  Norfolk was great, I have family down there so it was lovely to see all of them.  It was Jaimie’s first time (he broke his Norfolk cherry and liked it!), I took him around showing him the sights of Norwich (i.e. the market, Castle and Cathedral) and dragged him shopping (Primark, Jarrolds and an amazing sweetie shop).  We took a boat out on the broads and Jaimie had a shot at being captain, of course this couldn’t be done without captain hats.  I practised my bike riding skills to which I’m not too shabby and I nearly brought home two baby guinea pigs (squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!), they stole my heart and I was heart broken to leave them, but hopefully I shall get a couple now that I am home.

Since arriving home on Friday evening/night I have done nada/nothing/zilch!  It seems strange as for the past two weeks I was out EVERY day and now I’m back in my wee house with wifi being lazy(!), however I am off until next Sunday and NEED to make the most of the rest of the week as I will turning 25 on Thursday,  I can feel my youth slipping away from my finger tips. I can no longer get away with working part – time in a cinema as I am no longer a student, I need to push myself and get a career (god knows what it will be in), something that pays well and somewhere I can climb that good old ‘career ladder’ that everyone yacks on about so much!  And with this illustrious career I intend to carve out for myself Jaimie and I can start looking into investing into some property, Jaimie doesn’t mind renting but I see that as a waste of money; why should you pay for somebody elses mortgage when you can pay for your own?  Of course we would need a decent wee deposit which all goes back to me getting a good job.  Full bloody circle!

I digress.  So I’m turning 25, a quarter of a century and I have no idea what do for it.  Well, I have an abundance of ideas swimming around in my head like little fishes in a tank, but they would either cost too much, or I’m not sure if people can get the time off work etc.  I might just end up having a few drinks in a nice bar in town with my nearest and dearest bitches (always a good plan!), no pubs for me, I grew sick of them when I was in Norfolk, every bloody day!  They all look the same, they seem to have the same clientèle and the serve the same food and drink, don’t get me wrong I love a good old pub, but I’m taking a break from them for a while, a ‘holiday’ if you will.

So that is a wee round up of my life of recent.  I started to ramble (quite a bit)…

I’m away now to do something, something that doesn’t involve my laptop or wifi.  Something outdoors!


One thought on “I Have Noticed. (A Quick Round Up)

  1. “The fact is that love is of two kinds, one which commands, and one which obeys. The two are quite distinct, and the passion to which the one gives rise is not the passion of the other.” ~ Honore de Balzac

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