G & A get hitched!

Last Saturday my dad’s cousin and his parter of 14 years FINALLY tied the knot!  We were not at the ceremony as they wanted a small gathering, but the whole clan turned up for the party, which was fantastic!  It was held in a suite in The Dome on George Street where we were treated to some champagne and canapés on arrival and throughout the night, there was also a DJ who played songs on request, most of them had been put forward a couple of months in advance.  

Now, I like a dance and I was quite surprised to see that Jaimie, my non dancing boyfriend was hardly off the dance floor(!), I’m not sure if it was amount of alcohol that he had consumed or just that he was ‘feeling’ the music and was showcasing some of his best moves (of which he has very few…), however I was not complaining as we rarely dance together, he even had my great auntie up! 

Anyway’s it was a fab night for everyone who attended, more so for the grooms and we were all suitably merry by the end of the night! 


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