Bonfire Night.

Last night me and my buds held our annual bonfire night, which is held down Portobello beach. The beach is normally teaming with big groups of people and an abundance of bonfires, but this year was different, this year was quiet. I think that most people were off having Halloween parties rather than setting off fireworks.

It was the perfect night for it, crisp and clear making it great for both the bonfire and the fireworks. We also had sparklers, you have to have sparklers, it’s not the same without them(!). We started off by building the fire and then the guys set off the fireworks, we have quite a few which kept us on the beach for about 6 hours! Thankfully there were fold out chairs and rugs to sit on and peopled made/brought food with them, we even had hot veggie soup with garlic bread, which was much needed! Not forgetting the GIANT marshmallows!
It was a thoroughly enjoyable night with my nearest and dearest and can’t wait to do it again next year!



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