I’m In With The In Crowd.

I gave in and succumbed, I am now the proud owner of UGG boots.

I have always had a pair of Fuggs, fake uggs if you will. You know, the ones from high street which don’t keep your feet warm and if there is even the SLIGHTEST bit of water make you slip and slide about the like you are competing in the ice skating section of the winter Olympics!

This was not a decision taken lightly as they cost A LOT and I would see these as an investment rather than a fashion statement. For I shall (and will try not to) wear these with ‘cottons’ and a Jack Wills jumper, I AM NOT A STUDENT or a teenager.

I knew the pair that I wanted, my eyes had been set on a pair of ‘Baileys’ in chestnut with triple buttons, I searched the internet for a good deal, some where £240 and the pair that I found were £219 from http://www.spartoo.co.uk, free delivery which is a bonus but I had to wait 6 days before I received the beauties. Now I am not a patient person so 6 days on a pair of boots I just paid £219 for was not the greatest, but nonetheless they arrived and I am happy.

These boots are for the winter, I have my winter boot selection which consist of biker boots, ankle boots, Hunter wellies, snow boots and now my UGG’s. I also have my winter wardrobe and coats, but I shall leave that for another post.

Now I will leave you with a couple of pictures of my ‘Neeeeeew shooooooes!’







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