Here we are with another hair post, this time it’s all about the fringe. Last night I cut in a fringe, now this isn’t a rash decision as I had been thinking about getting one cut back in for an AGE, however last night was the night that I headed up to my dressing table and bit the bullet… It looks pretty good (albeit, it takes some getting used to!), I quite like the idea that I can also have a side fringe if I so wished and the only thing I need to do now is dye the rest of my hair and I SHOULD (hopefully) be happy with my hair.
If you take an interest in my blog you will notice that I like to change my hair A LOT, hair grows and colour you can strip (THANKFULLY!), so if I’m bored or just fancy a change, I can just go ahead and do it. There is nothing better than getting a new cut, colour or style, it refreshes your look and can make some people feel more confident. So, if you are considering cutting in a fringe or just having a total hair revamp, then go for it! Don’t have the same style for years because ‘I don’t think I would suit anything else’, if you’re not too keen on the cut, buy some clip in hair extensions. Another factor can be that you don’t want to spend a lot of money at a hairdressers, I don’t, most of what I have done to my hair I do myself or have a friend help me. With the wonders that are blogs and YouTube you can find some fantastic tutorials to help and guide you step by step.

Go for it, New Year, New You!

NB. I have also gone back to blonde and please ignore the silly faces that I am pulling.



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