Jolly Holiday Part 4.

Ahhhh the boat trip!  Every time we come down to Norfolk we ALWAYS take a boat out on the broads, in fact I once lived on one for a week when I was 10.  This was Jaimie’s first time at driving a boat and my second, the last time I had been drinking copious amounts of wine with my dad before hand and therefore thought I was the bee’s knees, however when sober I’m OK but I don’t think I’ll be sailing the seven sea’s any time soon!  

For the occasion myself and Jaimie purchased a couple of Captains hats, which to us looked cool, to everyone else looked stupid, but we did not care!  We also hit Roys (more on that later) and got ourselves a feast, we were hoping to moor up somewhere and have a picnic but as we only had the boat for three and a half hours we thought it best to just eat and drink on the move.