Doors Open Day.

Now for those not sure as to what DOD is, it comes every September on the 24th and 25th of the month (around Scotland) and on those two days the people of Edinburgh, Glasgow etc get to explore buildings for free that are otherwise closed to the public.  I have been going for a last 3 years with Jaimie and sometimes my mum, it’s a fun day out for all ages!  For more infromation on feel free to visit their website Here

This year Jaimie was insisting that we visited Annandale St. home of the wonderful Lothian Buses!  Edinburgh’s number one mode of transport.  I only had one day to enjoy DOD and I wasn’t sure as to how I would like visiting a bus depot… I agreed anyhoo’s and asked my mum if she would care to join us, so we set off to Lothian Buses for 2pm and when we arrived the place was buzzing!  

When you walked in you we confronted with all these fantastic looking buses from the 1940’s up to present day and the introduction of the new Hybrid bus.  We had great fun wandering around, hopping on and off all these buses, getting and old fashioned bus ticket and getting to go on a bus wash!!!  Now, I am an excitable person, so when I heard news that you could go through one I was at the front of the queue!  Throughout the buses goody bags were placed and inside them were some lovely things; a jar of peanut butter, different types of tea, biscuits, note pad, pencil, book mark that also would become plants when planted (the bookmark was laced with tiny seeds!), we managed to acquire 4, yes 4(!) of these goody bags and there was only 3 of us. 

Anyhoo’s, I urge you if in Edinburgh when DOD is on and/or Lothian Buses opens it’s doors once more GO!  You will not regret it!

And this is what I wore. 

Cardie – M&S

Dress – H&M

Booties (Which you can’t see here) – Primark