I’m Back!

After over a month of not bothering to blog, tonight is the night that I make an appearance! It was quite nice to have the break, get on with things and not having to worry about typing up a post every other night.

So what have I been doing for the past month I hear you ask…? No… Oh.

I’ve been on a mini break to the Cairngorms for Jaimie’s 29th were we spent everyday visiting distilleries, although we did manage to fit in a reindeer feeding sesh, which was amazing! Spent plenty of time in the sun whether it be at a beach or just sunbathing in the back garden, BBQ’s with my best chums, going out for dinner with the family and extended family, bike rides, shopping, dying my hair many colours, antique shopping, drinking pinas coldadas, driving a car, faking it, bird watching, booking holiday’s, Castle visits, boat trips, visiting museums & Jubilee fun.

I think that’s it…!

I will now bore you with some pictures of my last month.

I’m hoping that I will keep this more regular, not daily but definitely not monthly.


Jolly Holiday Part 3.

This is a post about Caister Castle and Car Museum, we didn’t realise we were getting into the castle as well as the museum so that was a lovely surprise!  Jaimie was the one who suggested visiting this place as he a HUGE car fan, but we were all happy to go along with and it turned out to be quite a cool showroom, unfortunately you are not allowed to take photographs of the cars inside (If I had this post would have been a lot longer!).  We enjoyed looking at all the old cars and bikes and see how much things have changed. 

The Castle is lovely and we got to climb all the way to the top, sadly the veiws weren’t spectacular as all you could see for miles was fields, but nonetheless it looked like it would have been a beautiful Castle back in the day.  

Castle Baggin’.

Last weekend myself and Jaimie took a little trip to Dumfries and Galloway to do a lil’ Castle (and Abbey) bagging.  What is castle bagging I hear you ask (…)?  It’s basiclly touring lots of Castle’s…

As J and myself are Historic Scotland members we get into any of there sites for free (but pay a small monthly fee to HS for our membership).

Jaimie had hired a car which made it a lot easier for us to get about as I don’t think we would have got to see half of the places if we had to use public transport!

Anyway’s, we had a great time and the weather was fabby!  So now I’ll bore you with some pictures, if I could remember the names of the Castles and Abbey’s I would tell you, but alas I cannot.  To visit one of them we had to get a wee boat(!).  We also had a look at an abandoned church and an old Mill House, so it’s not all Castle’s and Abbey’s!

I have had to divide the posts into 3 so I can show all the pictures I want to!  We visited Castle’s, Abbey’s, Old Mill House, Cream O’ Galloway and The National Costume Museum (hence the divide).

(Phew!  Thank god thanks over with I hear you cry!)