December 1st.

Is finally upon us, which means it’s only 24 days until CHRISTMAS!
I’m super excited, I have just eaten my very first chocolate from the advent calendar and am about to start my Christmas card list! We’re going to have another year with just the two of us (well, 5 if you count the cats. Which of course, we do…), we’ll spend it eating, drinking, watching old Christmas films and playing boardgames.
We’ll do our obligatory family visits on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, which will allow us to spend the day lounging about in our jammies!

There’s still so much to do between now and then, decorating the house, writing out cards, going on a food & booze run and of course buying presents!
This year me and J are cutting back on what we spend on each other, we’ve had a busy and expensive year, so it makes sense just get each other something small (and within budget!). To be honest, the main focus for us is FOOD, we both LOVE a Christmas dinner (who doesn’t?!) and this year we will be going all out with all the meat, veg and pigs and blankets that you can eat! I better do a Joey from Friends and invest (or borrow) a pair of maternity leggings so that I am at my most comfortable when stuffing my face!

I’m hoping to try and persuade J to pop the Christmas tree up in the next few days. I need to invest in some more decorating also, however I have some fantastic crocheted Christmas lights coming my way, handmade by my friend Heather! I cannot wait for the house to feel Christmasy, I might even pop a playlist on the Sonos…

Anyway, I hope everyone is getting into the spirit of things and takes full advantage of all the Christmas themed fun wherever you are and if you’re not a fan, that’s cool, but we can’t be friends. 😜


Christmas/New Year.


Christmas was a strange one for me this year, waking up in OUR house instead of my Mum and Dad’s and not doing the usual, which is – Waking up M&D’s at stupid o’clock, popping the kettle on and blasting the Marshall Christmas album circa 1993, before we exchange gifts and then I shuffle off to my room. This year, I woke up Jaimie & Senna and we stayed in bed to open our stockings, then headed downstairs, blasted some Now Christmas album that didn’t have all my favourite songs on it (sad face) and then we opened the presents before Jaimie made an amazing breakfast. After that we headed to Jaimie’s brother’s to see him, his girlfriend, baby Robbie, the new addition to the family and our beautiful little nephew and Skype their sister who is traveling.


Dinner was spent at M&D’s with my great aunties, aunt’s and uncle’s and Jaimies parents. The dinner was (as always) amazing and everyone had a fantastic time, luckily there was enough leftovers to keep me and Jaimie for a couple of day’s!


New Year’s Eve was a quiet one, spent with my two favourite boy’s. We were in our jammies by 7:30pm, had a Bonoful for dinner (the BEST Indian in Edinburgh) and then settled down to watch Dirty Rotten Scoundrels before bringing in the bell’s with a bottle of champers. We were such party animals and didn’t get to bed until 3am…


On the evening of New Year’s Day we invited my M&D to come round for a 3 bird roast, some drinks and a boardgame.


Tis’ The Season To Be Jolly.

Well it’s that time of year again, the only time of year that I get really excited about! CHRISTMAS TIME! Edinburgh turns into a winter wonderland (literary!), decorations go up, there is an abundance of fairy lights wrapped around the house/garden, Christmas 24 is on the telly, gallons of mulled wine is being consumed and the Marshall’s Christmas album circa 1992 is on repeat. I can’t get enough of it!

This year will be a little busier than last year as we have two new additions to the Marshall household, my dad’s second cousin (Devan) and his girlfriend (The lovely Vanessa, or TLV for short) are coming over from Australia. They will be staying with us from the 23rd December until the 3rd January, we were hoping for a quiet Christmas this year… However it will be nice to see Devan, the last time that we met was Christmas 95′ when we were both 9 and me and the parentals were travelling.

Now I have managed to purchased and (nearly) wrap all the presents, I say this however Jaimie should take most of the credit as he did most (all!) of the wrapping… I think I have done well this year, this may be the 3rd year in a row that I make my mother cry with joy from a gift that she has received from me and Jaimie. I have high hopes that everyone will love their gifts, I don’t care if I am bigging myself up! (I know they are good!).

This weekend is set to be a busy one as my weekend begins on Thursday with the staff Christmas night out, drinks in the office, dinner and then more drinks. I do not intend to get drunk as I will be in work on the Friday and I will be having round two on Friday evening when I meet up with my friend Jenna, who I haven’t seen for two years(!). Saturday is the day that ‘The Gang’ meet up for some Christmas Market shenanigans, we will be dressing up in our finest Christmas jumpers and enjoy what Edinburgh has to offer at this time of year, we also have a Secret Santa lucky dip! Sunday, D&V arrive and we have been invited to a family friends house for some drinks and nibbles… My liver will not be thanking me, the last week in December and the first week in January will be alcohol filled!

I hope everybody has a fab Christmas and and even better New Year!


Happy New Year!

I know that it’s a bit late (3 days infact!), but I thought I best say a BIG and HUGE Happy New Year!

I do hope that you all had a braw Christmas too!

Christmas day was busy as we had a lot of the family round in the evening and our Hogmanay was quiet which was a nice change. However me and my friends are having our late New Year party this Friday evening, I’m very much looking forward to that.

Anyway’s, normal blogging will resume as I’m no longer working weekends!

Kings Of Leon Came To Town.

On Sunday I FINALLY got the use of my Christmas present from Jaimie which was a ticket to see the FANTASTIC Kings Of Leon at Murrayfield Stadium.  The White Lies were supporting and they were brilliant, the crowd loved them too which was great as some support acts can be hit or miss.  Our tickets were for seating and they were good seats, we could see all the action taking place such as The White Lies, KOL and all the fights!  We witnessed about 5(!) and a couple of them were women, some people should not be allowed to drink, they got thrown out and missed the rest of the concert!  Stupid people. 

When KOL came out on stage the crowd went wild the whole stadium was electric!  Everyone was singing, dancing and screaming along to their songs.  It was AMAZING and they completely rocked it, it was the second time I had seen them (first time wad at T In The Park a couple of years ago) and I encourage you to go and see Kings Of Leoon.






Post Festive Festivities.


I haven’t blogged for yonks due to being so busy and ill, so I thought I would give it a go tonight.  I am still chocked with the flu and don’t feel completely together, but I am bored and need something to do that doesn’t cause me too think much, unlike doing my college work.

This little post is going to be about my works belated Christmas/ New Year night out which we had on the 18th Jan.  The night started at at Danny’s flat where we enjoyed our pre-drinks before heading to our next venue.  We managed to book Walkabout’s wee room across the way for free as we all work in the same building, the only thing ‘we’ (work) paid for was the buffet.  From there we popped along to the Tron for some more drinks, banter and a few games of pool, we stayed there for a couple of hours before going to our last stop of the night which was Opium.


imageA fabby night was had by all and I hope we don’t leave it too late to have another one!

On The 25th Day Of Christmas.

imageI received presents galore!  I woke up at 7:40am and dragged Jaimie, mum & dad out of bed.  I popped the kettle on, Christmas CD and took my place in the new room waiting on everyone to join me, once they did it was present giving time!  I was so very excited, I always am and it was Jaimie and I’s first Christmas together after 3 and a bit years so it was a little special.

I’m not going to bore you with EVERY detail of the day, but it went very well.  Mum had a wee cry of joy with one of the presents I bestowed on her, which was a trip for 2 on a fabby motoryatch over Loch Ness (I did good!).  Once we had all opened our presents mum and dad got started on dinner and me and Jaimie Played the Xbox, I got the Kinect and some games, which I might add is amazing!

Later on the family arrived dinner and drink was consumed!  There was a lot of merriment, sadly I was working on Boxing day, so I trotted off to bed at midnight.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and also have a fabby New Year.  I as of yet have no plans as everything has been left to the last minute, also I’m working New Years Day.  SAD FACE!

Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree.

The tree is up!

All the decorations and lights are on our Christmas tree, normally dad gets the tree down from the attic and me and my mum decorate.  This year it seems there was a change….  Dad has done EVERYTHING!  Our tradition has been broken, not that I’m complaining as there is still a lot of decorating to be done, and it still means cracking on the Christmas CD that we’ve had for years (dad bought me it in 1992!) and dancing about the house as we bring the Christmas cheer to the Marshall household.