Fashion Show.

Our event is fast approaching and we’re still deciding on a venue, we’ve looked a good few places but there always seems to be something that stands in our way of booking one and it all comes down to money.  Today me and the girls looked at another venue (they had already seen it, but I had missed the viewing due to being ill) and it was BEAUTIFUL!  They have everything we are looking for except for one thing… Chairs… They would be costing us a couple of hundred pounds which we can’t afford to spend for one night(!)  The good thing is is that we can do our own out sourcing and see if we can find a cheaper option, which is what we would prefer to do.  I think most of my evening shall be taken up looking for suitable seating at affordable prices (or free!).

We have another venue viewing on Friday and we are hoping this one has everything we are after, when I spoke to the gentleman on the phone he assured me that everything was free, unless we wanted a DJ and that would cost us £100.  So fingers crossed for this one!

By the end of this week we will have a venue, posters and flyers, clothing and accessories, raffle and auction prizes and maybe a couple of models.  To be honest this is my optimism showing through and wishful thinking, but with the pressure comes determination and we will make this a successful event!


Sneaky Wee Break.


(The picture you see is the cluttler that the dinning room table in is due to all my paper)

I have taken a ‘small’ break for typing up my Business Communication Essay, which I might add is a complete and utter snore fest….

And what do I do with this time?  Have myself some brain food perhaps (popcorn)? No, I decide to come on here and type up some meaningless babble to distract myself from the task at hand(!)…. I MUST get my priorities straight!

If anyone would like to do this for me, then I would be eternally grateful!

Right, I must get back to the grind! (If anyone reads this post then you must be as bored as me and also be looking for some form of distraction!)

A Busy Few Days.


Which has halted me from ‘blogging’.

Since Friday night, I have been working…..  And it has been busy busy busy.  I had no time to spend with friends or Jaimie, as soon as I have finished a shift it’s straight to bed, sleep and then I would be back in work 12 hours or less.  The joys of working shifts!  Friday night had to be the worst, it was the opening night of Harry Potter and the amount of mess that the customers left was UNREAL.  Because of this I didn’t get home until 3:30am on Saturday, half an hour after I should have finished.

Luckily, I have the next few days off and can now catch up on all the college work that I have missed out on.  Marketing, Business, IT and I can make haste with organising my groups event (which I’m so very excited about!), of which I am the Finance Officer.  I intend to have a lot finished by tomorrow, we shall see if I stick to this….

Too Much To Do. Not Enough Time.


I have so much coursework to do in the run up to Christmas and not enough free time to do it in, which is stressing me out somewhat, and I am normally such a relaxed person! Take tonight for instance, I have a Marketing essay due for tomorrow morning and I have a meeting tonight along with HP7, I won’t be home until 3am tomorrow.  Granted, I don’t have to go and see HP, but I am.  I am a terrible student…

I also have an assessment that MUST be completed for next Friday and I don’t have many free days to spend working on it.

My holidays from work can not come soon enough!