Nailz For Dayz.

If you follow my Instagram (@LadyKaKa86 🖑) and on here you will see that I am a lover of fake nails/nail art and recently I’ve taken to wearing fake nails ALL THE DAMN TIME, some I’ve purchased from eBay which I paint and decorate and others have been purchased from no other than Primark. I have to say I’m really impressed with the Primark nails as they only cost between £1-£2 at that price you would think they would be flimsy and/or would not last long, however I’ve been known to wear a set for up to two weeks (!).

Now I know those you who are not into the fake nail look may class them as tacky and unpractical and you would be right, but I LOVE them and no amount of ‘how can you type with those’, ‘they are so long’, ‘I don’t like them’ will ever stop me wearing them.

I used to be into the acrylic and gels nails, but I found them to be a pain and it was a long arduous process to remove them and now a with a quick dip in nail polish remover my ‘stick on nails’ are off. I always try to have break from wearing them, whether it be for a few days or a week, during that time I make sure I get my natural nails in peak condition by buffing, applying cuticle oil and nail hardener (only for me to ruin them again I hear you cry!). I’ve seen the damage that gel and acrylic nails can do and I actually like my natural nails enough not to put them through that.

So below are some pictures of the aforementioned eBay and Primark nails and If you’re looking to wear them for one night or one week you should definitely invest in a set of fake nails, they are a hell of a lot cheaper than acrylic and gels!


I’m currently sporting the below eBay nails (which showcases a lovely fingerprint smudge).



Mansell & Betsey.

Well hello there! It’s been a while since I last posted anything on here and there is no better time than 2.59am on a Tuesday morning to type something up!

I thought I would upload a quick and cute post… We have two new additions to our household, Mansell & Betsey. They are little ginger moggies who are about 10 weeks old and they are full of beans! Which is why I am able to you this post at silly o’clock in the morning…
We’ve had them for 3 days now and we couldn’t be happier (although not sure if Senna is too keen on them…).

Anyway, here are some pictures of our new fur babies 😄.







4 Weddings & No Funeral.

In 2015 we (Jaimie and myself) have 4 weddings to attend. 4! One of which is a reception, one I will be a bridesmaid and the other two will be ‘all day-ers’. Now, apart from the Susans wedding where I will be a bridesmaid, I have the dilemma of deciding what I shall wear to the other 3… I have been looking at one website in particular (Asos) and have found some stunning dresses, clutches and heels, all of which I would like to purchase. I thought, what better way to make sure everything suits, than to make a board on Polyvore (check out the website, if you’re into fashion, you’ll find this so much fun!). Here are a few of the outfits that I am loving and desperately want to purchase.

Wedding Outfit 1.


Dress – £115

Heels – £29

Clutch – £18

Wedding Outfit 2.


Dress – £70

Heels – £48

Clutch -£40

Wedding Outfit 3.


Dress – £100

Heels – £53

Clutch – £18

Wedding Outfit 4.


Dress – £59

Heels – £53

Bag – £24

Now, I already have wardrobes full of dresses and mountains of shoes and bags, but I don’t really own anything that is wedding appropriate (though I am sure Jaimie would beg to differ!). All of the these outfits are over £100, but by the time I start look to buy my outfits then they should HOPEFULLY be in the sale… (wishful thinking!), because as most people know, weddings are not cheap and for me to spend that amount on an outfit would be crazy…

Our New Addition.

This is a post to introduce you all to Senna our little kitten and squeaker! He arrived nearly two weeks ago and is about 7 weeks old, he is absolutely amazing and we adore him. I have a fair few scratches in my hand and legs, but he makes up for it by giving me lots of cuddles and kisses.

Here are a few pictures of Senna, (he is named after Ayrton Senna the famous F1 driver, Jaimie’s choice).

1385665_10151603227531580_1492263746_n 1376452_10151610498591580_208137570_n 1390708_10151609684561580_281873488_n

Zoo Day.

Today me and my chums took a drive to the Five Sisters Zoo (near Livingston) to visit the animals and feed the Lemurs!

It’s about £12 for entrance and a ticket to feed the Lemurs, £7 without the feeding. This is my second time visiting Five Sisters Zoo, it’s not that big and they don’t have all the Animals that Edinburgh Zoo has, but nonetheless there is still quite a bit to see.

Lisa, Rach and Claire decided to feed the Lemurs and I was on picture duty! I had done it before and the last time I was there one of the Lemurs took a little wee on one of the kids and I wasn’t up for that, but I do now wish that I had feed them as it looked like great fun!

Here’s a few pictures taken from today and the link to the Five Sisters Zoo website:

Mac Attack.

My friend Lisa has a new arrival in the form of little Mac!  He is the cutest thing I have seen, he’s a black Labrador and is 7 weeks old.  On Monday Myself, Mum and Jaimie took a trip to Lisa’s house to see this little bundle of fun and also drop of his present from us (a food bowl, star collar and a food scoop), when we arrived he headed straight for my mum (jealous!).  We fell in love with him instantly and me and mum are now desperate to get a pup, although I don’t think my dad would be best pleased (sad face).  We cuddled him and took Mac outside to play a little football which was super fun, he loved chasing after the ball, but after a hour or so of being at Lisa’s we left as he was getting sleepy.  He had had too much excitement for one day!


Red, White & Blue.

Since I decorated my nails in the Union Jack for the Royal Wedding I thought it might be nice to give another flag a bash, this time opting for the American flag.  Instead of painted every nail with the flag I just went for the thumb and painted the rest a nice white colour.  Not bad for a first attempt me thinks!