Round Up.

It’s been a while since I’ve bothered to write a post, don’t get me wrong I’ve thought about it (a lot) and had ideas for posts but I’ve been ‘busy’ watching telly and being generally a lazy bitch.

As I type this I’m in the bath with a face mask on looking all kinds of alien like, listening to The XX and to get me back into the swing of things I thought I would do a wee ‘Round Up’ post.

So what’s been happening I hear you ask… I went on holiday with my friends to Croatia, changed jobs and companies at the end of August, got engaged in September and I also turned 30. THAT IS IT. To be honest 2016 was a good year for me, the new job and getting engaged were the two biggest things that happened. Leaving a call centre and taking on a more administrative roll has been an absolute fucking delight! Anyone who has worked in a call centre will know how utterly sole destroying it is, the people are great and I miss all my old work pals, but I cannot be happier to have left!

Onto the ENGAGEMENT, I will be, at some point in the near future ‘Mrs Wilson’ (or ‘Marshall-Wilson’ as I would like to be known). Me and J are in our now 10th year (!), that’s a bloody long time to be with someone so it was inevitable that it was going to happen (and I had an idea that it would be before my 30th). The proposal was nothing fancy or cheesy it was done after dinner in our house (*to be honest he could have asked me in the car driving to the shops and I would have said yes). Thankfully I am OBSESSED with my ring and it fitted so there was no need to resize it, although for the first couple of weeks my ring finger would swell up (I think it was trying to reject it!).

We’ve had the obligatory engagement party which coincided with a Halloween party held by and for my family and now we in the very early stages of planning so hopefully in the next couple of years we will have tied the knot.

I’m hoping that 2017 will be another good year for us and we make changes to the house and organise our wedding, but no doubt there will be some bumps in the road (which will be tackled head on), but I hope whoever and where ever you are that you enjoy what the new year brings you. For now I’m going to top up my bath with hot water as it has gotten cold and contemplate getting out in the next half hour before I turn into a prune.

Hopefully (and I say this every time!) I will be and bit more consistent with this blogging malarkey! But for now, bye Felicia! ūüĎč


New Year, New Me.

At the start of every year there is the inevitable post whereby people will tell you of their New Years Resolutions and changes they intend to make and ladies and gentlemen, I will be one of those people…

This year I’m turning 30 and over the past couple of years I have gained a wee bit of weight(!) and now is the time that I get my arse into gear and do something about it.
Over the past few weeks I’ve been doing a bit of research and downloading a few apps to get me back on track.
I’m at present doing a 14 day teatox, eating healthy and I’ve been using the Freeletics/Bodbot apps on my phone.
Now, I’m not going to kid myself into thinking that the weight will drop off in a few weeks and I can just go back to how I was… I can’t do that to myself or my body.
This is something I intend to stick to, don’t get me wrong however, I will have a takeaway now and again and eat a tub if ice cream if I have had a terrible day and feel that this is the only thing to make me feel better…
I’m going to document my weight loss journey on here and on my Instagram (LadyKaKa86, come find me!).
Come and watch this tubber, become less tubby! 💪







December 1st.

Is finally upon us, which means it’s only 24 days until CHRISTMAS!
I’m super excited, I have just eaten my very first chocolate from the advent calendar and am about to start my Christmas card list! We’re going to have another year with just the two of us (well, 5 if you count the cats. Which of course, we do…), we’ll spend it eating, drinking, watching old Christmas films and playing boardgames.
We’ll do our obligatory family visits on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, which will allow us to spend the day lounging about in our jammies!

There’s still so much to do between now and then, decorating the house, writing out cards, going on a food & booze run and of course buying presents!
This year me and J are cutting back on what we spend on each other, we’ve had a busy and expensive year, so it makes sense just get each other something small (and within budget!). To be honest, the main focus for us is FOOD, we both LOVE a Christmas dinner (who doesn’t?!) and this year we will be going all out with all the meat, veg and pigs and blankets that you can eat! I better do a Joey from Friends and invest (or borrow) a pair of maternity leggings so that I am at my most comfortable when stuffing my face!

I’m hoping to try and persuade J to pop the Christmas tree up in the next few days. I need to invest in some more decorating also, however I have some fantastic crocheted Christmas lights coming my way, handmade by my friend Heather! I cannot wait for the house to feel Christmasy, I might even pop a playlist on the Sonos…

Anyway, I hope everyone is getting into the spirit of things and takes full advantage of all the Christmas themed fun wherever you are and if you’re not a fan, that’s cool, but we can’t be friends. ūüėú

Review: Chop Chop.

A couple of weeks ago I was asked if I would like to Review Chop Chop and the obvious answer was yes…

Now, the first time I had heard of Chop Chop was on Gordon Ramseys – The F Word and for YEARS I kept saying I needed to go, but sadly never made the trip.

So, on Wednesday myself and Jaimie made our way to Haymarket for dinner. We were super excited and could not wait to get there, we had already decided what we were going to order days before…!
When we arrived, we were greeted and seated by the lovely waiting staff and were given enough time to peruse the menu, which was a refreshing change from some other establishments.


Our order was taken and we chose, Northern Chicken, Chilli and Beef Dumplings (boiled), Chicken Dumplings (fried), Lamb and Diced Potato, with two bowls of egg fried rice.
My favourites were the Northern Chicken and the Dumplings as I’m not a huge lamb fan, but we loved every mouthful! All plates were empty and tummies were full.
The food was hot, fresh and arrived quickly.




It was quite a challenge for my OH to use the chopsticks, but he got the hang of it by the end of the evening and it was hilarious to watch!


The atmosphere in the restaurant was wonderful, the place was jam packed by the time we left and to see that on a Wednesday evening was impressive!
When a restaurant is busy during the week, you know it’s got to be good!

I cannot recommend Chop Chop enough and we are already planning our next trip!


Chop Chop is situated on Morrison Street (Haymarket).


P.S. Some selected Aldi stores are now stocking Chop Chops tasty dumplings!

*Disclaimer РI was given a meal for two to review the restaurant. All views are my own.  

A Wee Round Up.

So I’ve been quite lazy with my blogging over the past few weeks and my excuse is that I have started a new job (yippee!) and when I come home I just want to chill out and sleep. ¬†Yes you have read right folks I have a new job, I am now no longer a cinema employee! ¬†This is my 3rd week in the new job now and I am enjoying it, however it is strange to go from working with 34 people to 3, shift patterns to 9-5 everyday and having the weekends off. ¬†I feel like a proper adult now, I have my own desk, with a big brand new and shiny Mac and a lovely new leather high backed chair, whoever would have thought that I would get so excited about a high backed chair(!).¬†

I also went on a mini break a couple of weekends ago with 4 of my besties up to a place called Portnellan. ¬†We managed to pick up a deal on itison in¬†February and booked it for October. ¬†We thought we would be staying in a log cabin but we were given a cottage(!), it was beautiful and we settled in no time, the view from the cottage was stunning also. ¬†We visited a few places, stayed in in the evenings eating, watching telly and getting a little tipsy… Twas a much needed break for all of us and we are keeping our eyes¬†peeled¬†for more deals like that so we can get the whole gang together!

Then there was Halloween… I spent the morning carving my FIRST EVER(!) pumpkin with Lisa and the evening was spent at Amy’s new flat. ¬†Myself and Lisa didn’t decide what we were going to dress up as until 4 hours before and we chose go as…(drum roll)… ZOMBIES! ¬†All we did was bloody up an old shirt and zombie-fy our faces, considering we had a minimal about of time I think we did a bloody good job (get it, ‘bloody’…Haw!). ¬†Everyone made such an effort, however Paul had put so much more time into his costume than anyone else, he looked wicked and I could barely take my eyes of him. ¬†We had fab wee night, but I left when everyone else decided to go into town as I was skint. ¬†SAD FACE.¬†

And last but not least I went to see the beautiful Katy Perry on Tuesday night at the SECC in Glasgow. ¬†We missed the support act as we never made it through to the SECC until 8:30pm. ¬†It was packed when we arrived and there were lots of folks dressed up and out for a good time, some of the outfits were fantastic. ¬†I was singing my little heart out and Jaimie was trying to sing along(!) and was tapping his feet. ¬†We left at 10:30pm to get the last train back to Edinburgh and we were shattered the next day. ¬†But I urge you to go and see Katy Perry in concert she’s amaze and oh so puuuuuurdy!

Kings Of Leon Came To Town.

On Sunday I FINALLY got the use of my Christmas present from Jaimie which was a ticket to see the FANTASTIC Kings Of Leon at Murrayfield Stadium.  The White Lies were supporting and they were brilliant, the crowd loved them too which was great as some support acts can be hit or miss.  Our tickets were for seating and they were good seats, we could see all the action taking place such as The White Lies, KOL and all the fights!  We witnessed about 5(!) and a couple of them were women, some people should not be allowed to drink, they got thrown out and missed the rest of the concert!  Stupid people. 

When KOL came out on stage the crowd went wild the whole stadium was electric!  Everyone was singing, dancing and screaming along to their songs.  It was AMAZING and they completely rocked it, it was the second time I had seen them (first time wad at T In The Park a couple of years ago) and I encourage you to go and see Kings Of Leoon.






I Am A Grown Up.

And because of this I need a proper job now that there is no more college…. Don’t get me wrong I love the folks at the cinema, but I’m not going to get anywhere if I stay there so I am thinking of new career options. ¬†Events? Tourism? Public Sector? ¬†I need something that pays well enough for me to start saving for a place for Jaimie and myself, also one where I can work my way up the career ladder, for most of my working life my jobs have been temporary, the plus side of this is the skills I have picked up from the various roles I have undertaken, but the downside is that I at 24 I am on part-time wages in a cinema, whilst most of my friends are getting promotions and buying their first flat and second cars etc. ¬†So the¬†search¬†has begun and I cannot wait to start a new chapter in my life, hopefully sooner rather than later!¬†

Pictures Of The Week/Weekend.

So Friday was The Royal Wedding and what a wedding it was! ¬†Kate’s dress was stunning and they both looked so in love which was beautiful to see, people seem to think the Royal’s as a tad stiff but Friday showed a different side to them, it also showed how it brought the nation together. ¬†Of course there was a majority that didn’t or couldn’t care less, but when you seen the crowds in London and the rest of the country’s celebration’s it was a lovely site! ¬†I would have loved to have been down in London, the atmosphere must have been electric! ¬†

The rest of the weekend was lovely, I spent Friday night with some of my bestest where we consumed some alcohol, food, good banter and I watched them play on the Kinect (Paul’s dancing was… something to behold!), Saturday I spent the day with Jaimie, sitting in the sun with good music, good chat and cider, in the evening we played a game of Trivial Pursuit….. Jaimie won (it was sooooo close!) and yesterday I spent it with my mum shopping. ¬†I also spent the weekend painting my nails, receiving¬†presents from J’s mum and dad, finding old photo’s, stripping my hair and getting rid of my nose stud for a hoop. ¬†No idea what the plan’s for today are but I hope they are good plans.¬†

Wedding Of The Year.

I am hunner’s excited about this weeks up and coming¬†nuptials¬†of ‘Will’s & Kate’, I have been following it for a while and will be spending my Friday watching the big day on the telly with my mum (and possibly my auntie) surrounded by bunting, eating scones from my¬†commemorative plates and drinking potails from our¬†commemorative¬†mugs!¬†

I will be dressing up for the occasion too, no idea what I will wear but it will compliment my bruised and swollen foot(!).

There are some hilarious TV show’s surrounding the wedding, there was a show on Sky Living a couple of nights ago called ‘How To Nab A Prince’ in which you get shown how to speak, what to wear and where to hang out to meet your prince. ¬†And all this week there are¬†numerous other shows on the telly box about the couple and how they met etc. even though these programmes are cheesy I am watching them (…..!).

Today I am going to make it my mission to find the film that was made about them, it looks awful, hence why I MUST SEE IT!