Round Up/Pictures.

Oh hai there!

It’s been a while hasn’t it…

I was aiming to make the blogging a bit more regular, but I just didn’t find the time. I have been awfy busy working, going out or just being plain lazy.

Here are a few pictures for your lovely little peepers to enjoy, some of the things I have been up to and some sweet treats. I will be writing up another blog post this week, full of the new clothes and shoes that I have been buying, which since July is A LOT.


A Wee Round Up.

So I’ve been quite lazy with my blogging over the past few weeks and my excuse is that I have started a new job (yippee!) and when I come home I just want to chill out and sleep.  Yes you have read right folks I have a new job, I am now no longer a cinema employee!  This is my 3rd week in the new job now and I am enjoying it, however it is strange to go from working with 34 people to 3, shift patterns to 9-5 everyday and having the weekends off.  I feel like a proper adult now, I have my own desk, with a big brand new and shiny Mac and a lovely new leather high backed chair, whoever would have thought that I would get so excited about a high backed chair(!). 

I also went on a mini break a couple of weekends ago with 4 of my besties up to a place called Portnellan.  We managed to pick up a deal on itison in February and booked it for October.  We thought we would be staying in a log cabin but we were given a cottage(!), it was beautiful and we settled in no time, the view from the cottage was stunning also.  We visited a few places, stayed in in the evenings eating, watching telly and getting a little tipsy… Twas a much needed break for all of us and we are keeping our eyes peeled for more deals like that so we can get the whole gang together!

Then there was Halloween… I spent the morning carving my FIRST EVER(!) pumpkin with Lisa and the evening was spent at Amy’s new flat.  Myself and Lisa didn’t decide what we were going to dress up as until 4 hours before and we chose go as…(drum roll)… ZOMBIES!  All we did was bloody up an old shirt and zombie-fy our faces, considering we had a minimal about of time I think we did a bloody good job (get it, ‘bloody’…Haw!).  Everyone made such an effort, however Paul had put so much more time into his costume than anyone else, he looked wicked and I could barely take my eyes of him.  We had fab wee night, but I left when everyone else decided to go into town as I was skint.  SAD FACE. 

And last but not least I went to see the beautiful Katy Perry on Tuesday night at the SECC in Glasgow.  We missed the support act as we never made it through to the SECC until 8:30pm.  It was packed when we arrived and there were lots of folks dressed up and out for a good time, some of the outfits were fantastic.  I was singing my little heart out and Jaimie was trying to sing along(!) and was tapping his feet.  We left at 10:30pm to get the last train back to Edinburgh and we were shattered the next day.  But I urge you to go and see Katy Perry in concert she’s amaze and oh so puuuuuurdy!

Livin’ On A Prayer.

Last night myself and Jaimie headed along to Murrayfield to see Bon Jovi, I’m not the biggest fan and wasn’t too fussed about seeing them but Jaimie managed to buy the tickets for £15 each.  Now, for £15 we weren’t expecting amazing seats and we right to think that as we were 6 rows from the back, at the very top!  I could hardly see a thing, I don’t think even bringing my glasses would have made a difference, we were that far away.  But that didn’t stop ourselves having a good time(!), the crowd were in high spirits and up for a good Bon Jovi-ing, they played a few songs that I knew which had me on my feet singing along (even Jaimie was singing!), but for most of the show they played their new stuff, which is fine, but I don’t know any of it….  We left before the encore so we could get home at a decent time and not to get caught up in the crowds, the bus we got into to was a crazy bus, with a drunk Polish man singing a medley of songs to the passengers that kept me entertained until it was my stop!  







I LOVE these guys and seen them at T in The Park a couple of years ago.  Now they have a UK tour coming up and London is (at the moment) the only place that I can go and see them, I’m trying to convince friends to come down with me!  It’s not the cost of the tickets that would be the problem, it’s the getting to London and finding a hotel etc.  I WANT TO SEE DIGITALISM!

I Am Beardyman.

Saturday night I was oot and aboot with Mike from work and his pal John.  We had dinner at Garfunkels on the High Street and then we hot footed it to the Liquid Rooms to see the one and only Beardyman, supported by JFB.  It was AMAZING! They had the whole place jumping, the Liquid Rooms was packed and full of people up for having a good time.  One of the best gigs I have been to, I recommend going to see these guys, musical geniuses!  Now I leave you with some picture and a video of each of JFB and Beardyman showing you what they do best!


(Full show from The Underbelly 2009)

(Prodigy vs Chemical Brothers JFB)

(Sub Focus JFB)