Round Up/Pictures.

Oh hai there!

It’s been a while hasn’t it…

I was aiming to make the blogging a bit more regular, but I just didn’t find the time. I have been awfy busy working, going out or just being plain lazy.

Here are a few pictures for your lovely little peepers to enjoy, some of the things I have been up to and some sweet treats. I will be writing up another blog post this week, full of the new clothes and shoes that I have been buying, which since July is A LOT.


I’m Back!

After over a month of not bothering to blog, tonight is the night that I make an appearance! It was quite nice to have the break, get on with things and not having to worry about typing up a post every other night.

So what have I been doing for the past month I hear you ask…? No… Oh.

I’ve been on a mini break to the Cairngorms for Jaimie’s 29th were we spent everyday visiting distilleries, although we did manage to fit in a reindeer feeding sesh, which was amazing! Spent plenty of time in the sun whether it be at a beach or just sunbathing in the back garden, BBQ’s with my best chums, going out for dinner with the family and extended family, bike rides, shopping, dying my hair many colours, antique shopping, drinking pinas coldadas, driving a car, faking it, bird watching, booking holiday’s, Castle visits, boat trips, visiting museums & Jubilee fun.

I think that’s it…!

I will now bore you with some pictures of my last month.

I’m hoping that I will keep this more regular, not daily but definitely not monthly.

Jolly Holiday Part 2.

This is Norwich Cathedral, it’s absolutely stunning and it’s massive!  Back in the day my grandad Youngs sang in this very cathedral as a young boy, so we as a family have a small connection to it.  I have been before, but I thought I would take Jaimie for a look-see, it’s free to enter but you can make a donation if you so wish, so we gave a fiver and also bought the booklet.  The cathedral has had a slight revamp in the form of a new entrance and mini exhibitions.  It’s a must see when in Norwich! 

Jolly Holiday Part 1.

TA DA!  And here it is one if my (1? 2? 3? More?) holiday posts.  Norfolk is a lovely place to visit and Norwich a fab City, full of interesting building and some good shopping. 

This is the day we went into Norwich to visit the Castle/ Museum and the Cathedral.  I also dragged Jaimie round the shops for a spot to retail therapy which you can never have too much of!  Sadly that day was quite rainy and windy, however we did get a spot of sun the afternoon which was much needed.  There will be a second post where we’re back in Norwich and it’s all about the market.