They Call Me Hop A’ Long.

Yesterday was not a good day for poor lil’ me.  I arrived at work for my 8 hour shift and completely forgot my sign code (great start to the day!), so I had to go and ask my boss who then told me she was sign in for me, then as I was setting up and carrying a stand, the metal bar at the bottom dropped on my left foot and has since come up in a nice purple bruise(!), later on I managed to bang my arm into a door and I have yet another bruise.  

2pm came and Jayne (my manager) asked if I wanted to finish early (due to work being sooooo quiet), I said yes pleased that I could get away early and head through to Glasgow before going to the SECC to see Peter Kay with Jaimie.  So I got changed, said my goodbyes and headed down the stairs…. I was popping my sunglasses on, carrying a bottle or water, on the phone to Jaimie and waving at a couple of work folk who were outside having a smoke, when it happened…. I missed a step and went over my right foot…. SNAP! Was all that I heard and my shoe came flying off, my friends laughed and then rushed in as they noticed that I was in pain.  They brought me back up the stairs and helped me to my work where they called for an ambulance.  Everyone was so nice and the managers stayed with me (and joked about) until the paramedics came, I was then strapped ( and I mean strapped, I couldn’t move!) into a emergency chair, which I have used before in training.  I really wish I had worn my sunglasses because as soon as I got out of the building EVERYONE was staring, luckily I had good paramedics and they kept me smiling.  After my jaunt in the ambulance I arrived at the hospital where they had me X-rayed and then I waited a LONG 3 hours before being seen by a physiotherapist who told me that they could not see any broken bones, but that I had pulled a ligament in my foot and that it would take about a week to heal.  He then wrapped my foot and and gave me some exercises to do and handed me a pair of crutches, sending my on my way.  My mum came to the hositpal to wait with me and take me home, I was so very grateful she came along as she brought the car, there is no way I could have got a bus!