"Bye Bye Sarah, Sarah Goodbye…"

Last night was the final leaving night for my buddy Sarah from work, she’s off to teach English in South Korea (well jel!).  I had been unable to make her first night out last Monday as I was still on my jollies, so last night I caught up with everyone in SuperCube where we had booked a room for karaoke.  It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves and singing their little hearts out!  My fav rendition was Wuthering Heights performed by the whole team in a high pitched Kate Bush styleee!  We finished up at half 11 and some folks decided to go to LuLu’s on George Street, which is not my cup of tea (and plus I was skint) so I chose to head home.


I Am A Grown Up.

And because of this I need a proper job now that there is no more college…. Don’t get me wrong I love the folks at the cinema, but I’m not going to get anywhere if I stay there so I am thinking of new career options.  Events? Tourism? Public Sector?  I need something that pays well enough for me to start saving for a place for Jaimie and myself, also one where I can work my way up the career ladder, for most of my working life my jobs have been temporary, the plus side of this is the skills I have picked up from the various roles I have undertaken, but the downside is that I at 24 I am on part-time wages in a cinema, whilst most of my friends are getting promotions and buying their first flat and second cars etc.  So the search has begun and I cannot wait to start a new chapter in my life, hopefully sooner rather than later! 

Bye Bye Bye.

Since my accident (nearly 8 weeks ago) I have taken EVERY opportunity to go out, in 2 weeks I have had 3 all nighters(!).  

The first night out was for my manager Johnny who was leaving to work in London as a film buyer for Vue (Lucky bugger).  The night started off with everyone meeting in Walkabout for drinks, it was great for me as I hadn’t seen ANY of my work buds for the 6 weeks I was off.  After Walkabout we popped along to Buddy Mulligans down the Grassmarket, then Opium where I thought it would be an AMAZING idea to get up and dance with a gamy foot/ankle (smart move Marshall…), once we had been kicked out of Opuim and the dust has settled from a small confrontation the last place to go was the casino.  This place is a complete dive, but it is open all night/morning, by the time we got there everyone was starting to feel sleepy and some people decided to head home, but not me!  I was there until the bitter end and drunk drunk drunk!  I got home at 9am the next day.  It was a top night and an amazing send off for Mr Carr. 

My FAV picture from the night (Abbie & Myself wasted)

(Some of the Vue crew!)