Beauty Buys Part 5.


Beauty Buys Part 4.

I seem to be buying a lot of beauty products the last couple of months which is a nice change from myself as I’m forever buying clothes and shoes! That said, I still haven’t started on my next ‘I Went Shopping Part Whatever’…The photo’s are a little dark as I used my phone to take them and there was minimal lighting in my room, so soz for them looking a tad fuzzy.

MUA Buys.

I have fallen in love with the MUA range from Superdrug!  It’s all super cheap (most expensive I think was £4!)  and everything is of really good quality, I bought everything from the Superdrug website with free standard delivery and arrived pretty swiftly.  

I can’t really go on enough about how much I am a fan of these products!  Give them a bash! 

Matte Foundation Honeycomb

Mosaic Blusher English Rose

Extreme Volume Mascara Black/Brown

Lipstick Shade 8  

Lipstick Shade 11

Nail Polish Shade 3 

Nail Polish Shade 9

Marshmallow Lips.

I love Barry M products (I have a few!) and I love this lipstick!  It’s called Marshmallow, for obvious reasons(!), it is a very light pink  and lasts for hours.  The great thing about Barry M is that all of their products are of such a high standard and they are affordable.

Queen Of Darkness.

Another wee post on some lipstick that I bought a couple of nights ago.  This time I thought I would go for something completely different… Black(!).  This is a Stargazer product and I picked it up from New Look and I love it!  If I had worn this about 4-5 years ago people would have assumed that I was a goth (I had black hair, lots more piercings and dressed totally different), but I think it’s quite nice with very little make up and girlie clothing as it is a complete contrast.  Has to be said this is not something I would wear everyday, just now and again.