December 1st.

Is finally upon us, which means it’s only 24 days until CHRISTMAS!
I’m super excited, I have just eaten my very first chocolate from the advent calendar and am about to start my Christmas card list! We’re going to have another year with just the two of us (well, 5 if you count the cats. Which of course, we do…), we’ll spend it eating, drinking, watching old Christmas films and playing boardgames.
We’ll do our obligatory family visits on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, which will allow us to spend the day lounging about in our jammies!

There’s still so much to do between now and then, decorating the house, writing out cards, going on a food & booze run and of course buying presents!
This year me and J are cutting back on what we spend on each other, we’ve had a busy and expensive year, so it makes sense just get each other something small (and within budget!). To be honest, the main focus for us is FOOD, we both LOVE a Christmas dinner (who doesn’t?!) and this year we will be going all out with all the meat, veg and pigs and blankets that you can eat! I better do a Joey from Friends and invest (or borrow) a pair of maternity leggings so that I am at my most comfortable when stuffing my face!

I’m hoping to try and persuade J to pop the Christmas tree up in the next few days. I need to invest in some more decorating also, however I have some fantastic crocheted Christmas lights coming my way, handmade by my friend Heather! I cannot wait for the house to feel Christmasy, I might even pop a playlist on the Sonos…

Anyway, I hope everyone is getting into the spirit of things and takes full advantage of all the Christmas themed fun wherever you are and if you’re not a fan, that’s cool, but we can’t be friends. 😜


Happy New Year!

Another new year and another blog post containing resolutions that are the same as lasts year’s as I never stuck to them in 2013… 
However, this year I’m making no resolutions and I’m going to take 2014 as it comes, hopefully some new and exciting adventures will come along and I will grab them with both hands!

I hope everyone had a wonderful evening what ever you were doing and have a fab 2014!


Round Up.

Herrow chaps and chapettes!

Not much has been happening since I last checked in with you, still working away and spending money on clothes and shoes.

I turned the ripe old age of 26, as you get older you realise how much birthdays are not a bit deal. BUT I did however have an awesome birthday night with my best buds! The theme was Man v Food, everybody was invited to make big/lots of food and bring drinks. I went for the giant cheeseburger and with Jaimie’s help it was AMAZING.
It was a very drunken night (even though I was horrifically ill, I had viral infection), it wss filled with party games, face paints and people popped on all the trinkets inside their party bags. I loved it and I love my friends.


I also happened to go on a long weekend away to the beautiful city of Budapest. I went with 4 of my buddies and we spent 4 days and 3 nights exploring, taking in the sights and sounds with a pub crawl thrown in for good measure. Budapest is stunning and the weather was quite good, surprisingly warm in October! There is so much history and it was great to learn about it.
I will definitely be going back and this time taking Jaimie as he is DESPERATE to go.


Other things in Kathryn news is that I have a new phone which I love, hiya Galaxy SIII! Burst my lip and hurt my teeth on a drunken night out. Went to the RBS Museum Lates with Lisa and her work friends, again another drunken night out. Took mum to Chamber Street Museum to see the Catherine The Great exhibition, which is a must (it has since finished). Dinner and a meeting with Jaimie’s family for his dad’s 60. Spent more money on clothes and shoes. Treated mum, dad and Jaimie to lunch. Gotten over a viral infection AND cut my fringe in… again.


Round Up/Pictures.

Oh hai there!

It’s been a while hasn’t it…

I was aiming to make the blogging a bit more regular, but I just didn’t find the time. I have been awfy busy working, going out or just being plain lazy.

Here are a few pictures for your lovely little peepers to enjoy, some of the things I have been up to and some sweet treats. I will be writing up another blog post this week, full of the new clothes and shoes that I have been buying, which since July is A LOT.

What A Weekend.

Well this weekend was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time(!).  I had the Saturday off which I spent with Jaimie and my nearest and dearest, during the day I was down at my local beach (Portobello) where Jaimie and myself met up with Lisa and puppy Mac for some fun.  I then thought it would be a nice idea to invite my friends round for some much needed banter and drinks, so I sent the texts round and they started arriving at mine at 8pm.  The night continued until 3am and it seems that everyone had a fabby time as did I (it’s been so long since I’ve been with my friends), but I was knackered when they left! 

Sunday morning I awoke and got ready for work (for a 10 hour shift!), sleepy and in a ‘I can’t be bothered going to work’ attitude, but I got into work for 12 and was amazed to see work completely dead.  And was so very very happy when my boss asked me if I wanted to finish early as work wasn’t going to pick up, I jumped at the chance!  So after two and half hours work I was cashed up and sent on my way!  I knew my buds where planning a wee trip away so I joined them on the journey to Cramond beach where walked along in the sand and just sat about enjoying the sun and the company.  I’m hoping next weekend can be just as fun! 

Pictures Of The Week/Weekend.

So Friday was The Royal Wedding and what a wedding it was!  Kate’s dress was stunning and they both looked so in love which was beautiful to see, people seem to think the Royal’s as a tad stiff but Friday showed a different side to them, it also showed how it brought the nation together.  Of course there was a majority that didn’t or couldn’t care less, but when you seen the crowds in London and the rest of the country’s celebration’s it was a lovely site!  I would have loved to have been down in London, the atmosphere must have been electric!  

The rest of the weekend was lovely, I spent Friday night with some of my bestest where we consumed some alcohol, food, good banter and I watched them play on the Kinect (Paul’s dancing was… something to behold!), Saturday I spent the day with Jaimie, sitting in the sun with good music, good chat and cider, in the evening we played a game of Trivial Pursuit….. Jaimie won (it was sooooo close!) and yesterday I spent it with my mum shopping.  I also spent the weekend painting my nails, receiving presents from J’s mum and dad, finding old photo’s, stripping my hair and getting rid of my nose stud for a hoop.  No idea what the plan’s for today are but I hope they are good plans. 

Happy New Year.

imageThis is my last New Years post (for now)…. And thought I would type a little something up about my night of the 31st Dec 2010 and the morning of the 1st Jan 2011.

We brought in the New Year at ‘Klevins’ AKA Kevin & Claire’s flat, I always prefer flat parties at this time of year because town is too expensive and it’s always too busy.  We had a nice group of us there, but sadly a couple of our friends didn’t make it due to not being well.

There was a lot of food and a lot of drink that was to be consumed and I took it upon myself to eat and drink as much as I could!  I stuck to the cocktails, well I think I did… I was quite the drunk and can only remember snip its of the night(!), I started with a French Martini and then I moved on to some home made punch before my next ‘tail.  We all got drunk pretty quickly and there was a lot of drunken banter, which is always a winner.

When midnight come we all gave each other hugs and kisses and singed Auld Lang Syne whilst rasing our glasses for the new year.  It was a great night spent with great people and am looking forward to see what this year brings us!