Jolly Holiday Part 5.

This is a shorter(?!) post of the day we went to visit my great uncle and auntie.  My grandad has 3 half brothers 1 which lives in Edinburgh also and the other two still live in Norfolk. These are pictures from My great uncle Peter’s garden, grandad’s old house and the church that my nana and grandad were married in.  


Jolly Holiday Part 4.

Ahhhh the boat trip!  Every time we come down to Norfolk we ALWAYS take a boat out on the broads, in fact I once lived on one for a week when I was 10.  This was Jaimie’s first time at driving a boat and my second, the last time I had been drinking copious amounts of wine with my dad before hand and therefore thought I was the bee’s knees, however when sober I’m OK but I don’t think I’ll be sailing the seven sea’s any time soon!  

For the occasion myself and Jaimie purchased a couple of Captains hats, which to us looked cool, to everyone else looked stupid, but we did not care!  We also hit Roys (more on that later) and got ourselves a feast, we were hoping to moor up somewhere and have a picnic but as we only had the boat for three and a half hours we thought it best to just eat and drink on the move.

Jolly Holiday Part 3.

This is a post about Caister Castle and Car Museum, we didn’t realise we were getting into the castle as well as the museum so that was a lovely surprise!  Jaimie was the one who suggested visiting this place as he a HUGE car fan, but we were all happy to go along with and it turned out to be quite a cool showroom, unfortunately you are not allowed to take photographs of the cars inside (If I had this post would have been a lot longer!).  We enjoyed looking at all the old cars and bikes and see how much things have changed. 

The Castle is lovely and we got to climb all the way to the top, sadly the veiws weren’t spectacular as all you could see for miles was fields, but nonetheless it looked like it would have been a beautiful Castle back in the day.  

Jolly Holiday Part 2.

This is Norwich Cathedral, it’s absolutely stunning and it’s massive!  Back in the day my grandad Youngs sang in this very cathedral as a young boy, so we as a family have a small connection to it.  I have been before, but I thought I would take Jaimie for a look-see, it’s free to enter but you can make a donation if you so wish, so we gave a fiver and also bought the booklet.  The cathedral has had a slight revamp in the form of a new entrance and mini exhibitions.  It’s a must see when in Norwich!