Review: Liz Earle – Cleanse & Polish

I’ve always been a fan of Liz Earle products, it all started with my mums 90’s QVC obsession, she bought one LE face wash and that was me hooked!

The Cleanse & Polish, Hot Cloth Cleanser is a favorite of mine. All Liz Earle products are made with natural ingredients and included in the Cleanse & Polish are: cocoa butter, rosemary, chamomile, hops and eucalyptus. All of these ingredients are to help soften, moisturise, tone and purify.

This is super easy and quick to do, apply all over face and neck, take the muslin cloth, rinse in hot water, use the cloth to wipe the cream off and finally give your face a splash with cold water. Afterwards your skin looks healthy and soft, honestly it’s amazing how good your skin looks and feels afterwards.

So ladies and gents, if you’re looking for some seriously good looking skin, give this a go, you won’t be disappointed!




Here we are with another hair post, this time it’s all about the fringe. Last night I cut in a fringe, now this isn’t a rash decision as I had been thinking about getting one cut back in for an AGE, however last night was the night that I headed up to my dressing table and bit the bullet… It looks pretty good (albeit, it takes some getting used to!), I quite like the idea that I can also have a side fringe if I so wished and the only thing I need to do now is dye the rest of my hair and I SHOULD (hopefully) be happy with my hair.
If you take an interest in my blog you will notice that I like to change my hair A LOT, hair grows and colour you can strip (THANKFULLY!), so if I’m bored or just fancy a change, I can just go ahead and do it. There is nothing better than getting a new cut, colour or style, it refreshes your look and can make some people feel more confident. So, if you are considering cutting in a fringe or just having a total hair revamp, then go for it! Don’t have the same style for years because ‘I don’t think I would suit anything else’, if you’re not too keen on the cut, buy some clip in hair extensions. Another factor can be that you don’t want to spend a lot of money at a hairdressers, I don’t, most of what I have done to my hair I do myself or have a friend help me. With the wonders that are blogs and YouTube you can find some fantastic tutorials to help and guide you step by step.

Go for it, New Year, New You!

NB. I have also gone back to blonde and please ignore the silly faces that I am pulling.


Beauty Buys Part 4.

I seem to be buying a lot of beauty products the last couple of months which is a nice change from myself as I’m forever buying clothes and shoes! That said, I still haven’t started on my next ‘I Went Shopping Part Whatever’…The photo’s are a little dark as I used my phone to take them and there was minimal lighting in my room, so soz for them looking a tad fuzzy.

Review: Sublime Mousse.

Last night I decided to dye my hair, I had coloured it the week before with just a wash out dye and thought this time that I would go for a more permanent colour.  So whilst in ASDA I picked up L’Oreal’s Sublime Mousse in Pure Brown (#50) for £7, I had never tried a mousse hair dye before and had heard only good things about it.  Now I normally have to buy 2 boxes of dye as my hair is long, but with the mousse I only needed the one which is great news for me and anyone with long hair.  The mousse is FAB(!) it goes on smoothly and it’s non drip formula, you have to wait the normal 30 minutes and once that’s up you go through the routine of rinsing and conditioning the hair.  It came out a beautiful brown and oh so shiny and soft!  It was strange to see my hair so dark as I had been light for ages, but I am loving the colour (It goes well with my tan!).  So if you are looking into dying your hair go for L’Oreal’s Sublime Mousse, it’s well worth the £7.  


(I had to fit that in there somehow!)

Ma Face Is Green!

Now I do love me a good wee pamper session and a face mask is (I think) a vital part of pampering.  I have tried a few but I keep coming back to Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Invigorating 2-in1 Wash/Mask (£3.56 from Superdrug).  What I like about it is the 2-in-1 aspect, if I want a face mask I can have one or if I just fancy cleansing my face I can trust this to do the same.  It goes on smooth and has a fresh tingly sensation, once you have left it on for 10-15 mins and washed it off you can noticeably see the difference.  I have open pores that can get clogged up (yuk!) with make-up etc… and this is a great mask to apply once a week to sort it out!  “It does exactly what it says on the tin!”.

Bulrb on the back – “Awaken your skin with Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Invigorating 2-in1 Wash/Mask, it works in two ways to cleanse deep into the pores and leave your skin feeling refreshed and invigorated.” 

Fish Ate My Feet.

For mothers day I got my mum a wee treat, a 25 minute foot spa treatment from Snappy Feet which is situated in Ocean Terminal.  I managed to get a couple of vouchers from Groupon for £7 each instead of paying the £15 that you normally would for 25 minutes.

Snappy Feet only has 6-8 fish tanks and is situated in the middle of the shopping centre downstairs.  It was quite busy when we arrived and had to wait a lil’ bit before we got taken, but the 25 minutes seemed to go fast and finally it was our turn!  Dun dun duuuuuun…..! It was the strangest feeling in the world(!), tickly and nibbly at the same time.  My mum and myself could hardly contain the giggles as we sat with our feet surrounded by little hungry fishes.  Once our 25 minutes were up you could see and feel the difference, I would recommend going to one of these little places and give it a go!

Faking It.

Now that summer is here I think it’s time to slap on some fake tan, there’s nothing nicer than walking around in the sun with a golden glow!  Many years ago I used to use St. Tropez at £30 a bottle(!) I love the stuff and it does give you a beautiful glow, but then I discovered St. Moriz  (available from Semi-Chem) and it’s only £2.99 a bottle!  This stuff comes in two forms, a spray and moose.  I prefer the moose as it goes on like a dream, but the spray is just as good and both don’t leave streaks (unless you don’t apply properly), the smell is not too overpowering either, kind of like biscuits.. Which is no bad thing unless your not a fan of biscuits that is!  This is an instant tan and when you apply can make you look a lot darker than you want to be, but once you have washed it off 8 or so hours later you are left with a stunning colour (it lasts up to a week).  St. Moriz has also now introduced a darker colour for those of you out there who might want a darker looking tan.

I’ve Got Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts.

I sure do love coconuts and when I noticed that Asda had an offer on their n-spa range I jumped at the chance to smell like a coconut!  I picked up the body scrub, shower/bath gel and the body moisturiser, they were only £2 each compared to the £4 that they are normally priced at.  BARGAIN!  I cannot wait to use them, they smell amazing(!) and the packaging ain’t to bad either.