Mac Attack.

My friend Lisa has a new arrival in the form of little Mac!  He is the cutest thing I have seen, he’s a black Labrador and is 7 weeks old.  On Monday Myself, Mum and Jaimie took a trip to Lisa’s house to see this little bundle of fun and also drop of his present from us (a food bowl, star collar and a food scoop), when we arrived he headed straight for my mum (jealous!).  We fell in love with him instantly and me and mum are now desperate to get a pup, although I don’t think my dad would be best pleased (sad face).  We cuddled him and took Mac outside to play a little football which was super fun, he loved chasing after the ball, but after a hour or so of being at Lisa’s we left as he was getting sleepy.  He had had too much excitement for one day!