Review: Liz Earle – Cleanse & Polish

I’ve always been a fan of Liz Earle products, it all started with my mums 90’s QVC obsession, she bought one LE face wash and that was me hooked!

The Cleanse & Polish, Hot Cloth Cleanser is a favorite of mine. All Liz Earle products are made with natural ingredients and included in the Cleanse & Polish are: cocoa butter, rosemary, chamomile, hops and eucalyptus. All of these ingredients are to help soften, moisturise, tone and purify.

This is super easy and quick to do, apply all over face and neck, take the muslin cloth, rinse in hot water, use the cloth to wipe the cream off and finally give your face a splash with cold water. Afterwards your skin looks healthy and soft, honestly it’s amazing how good your skin looks and feels afterwards.

So ladies and gents, if you’re looking for some seriously good looking skin, give this a go, you won’t be disappointed!



Wallace Monument.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely Laura from O’Leary PR asking if I would be interested in visiting The National Wallace Monument in Stirling, I of course said yes (Me and the OH had been meaning to visit for years!). The last time I was there was when I was 11 years old and my cousin Ross was visiting from Australia (J had never been!).

The day finally came (last Saturday) and we made our way through to Stirling, the drive there wasn’t too bad and when we arrived there was a chill in the air but it was sunny, which for me is a perfect winters day.

As I mentioned previously, the last time I visited The National Wallace Monument I was 11 years old and when we visited all those years ago you were able to park right outside The Monument on top of the hill, however nowadays they have a wonderful gift shop, cafe and car park.  You have two options on how you get up the The Wallace Monument, you can either head up there by foot or take the shuttle bus that they provide, me and J decided to walk up (this was to be my exercise for the week!).




As you make your way up there are a few viewing areas where you can go to take some pictures and take in the beautiful view. When we made it to the top we were again greeted with stunning views and of course the beautiful landmark that is The National Wallace Monument.


Once we had taken 30 odd pictures we finally made our way inside and were greeted by the warm and welcoming staff who provided me with our tickets and a voucher for 2 complimentary hot drinks at The Legends Coffee House with compliments from Stirling Tourism Board, we then we started our journey up the 246(!) steps…



There are 3 different rooms over 3 floors and then you have the crown (the very top of the monument). The first room you enter is the The Hall of Arms, in this room you will be able to find out William Wallace’s early life and also learn about the Battle at Stirling Bridge. In this room you will also see some armour (which is extremely heavy!) and the beautiful stained glass windows, which were flooded with sunlight.





On the next floor you come to the Hall of Heros, this room features 15 marble busts and one bronze bust, you may not always recognise the bust but you will most likely recognise their names (Sir Walter Scott, Robert Burns & James Watt to name a few!). However the best part of this room is Wallace’s sword, which stands at 5ft 4ins and weighs 6.5lbs (to be exact!), it is housed in a glass case.




The next room is The Royal Chamber and in the room you will find information on this Victorian building. There is also a jigsaw and ‘face in the hole,thingy’ (I clearly have no idea what they are called…) which is fun!





And finally, the stairs lead you to The Crown which is a fantastic viewing platform at the top of The National Wallace Monument. The 360 degree view is absolutely stunning, we must have spent a good 20 minutes up there taking in the sights!





We then descended the 246 stairs and the hill (complete with jelly legs!) to the Legends Coffee House to relax and have a coffee and hot chocolate which was much needed on that chilly day!


To anyone who has never been, go! Get a bit of history in you and enjoy the beautiful views that Stirling has to offer. Both myself and the OH had a fantastic afternoon and will definitely be returning!

For directions, prices, opening times and info, please visit – 



Review: Cien Products

Since moving into the house, getting a kitten and the change of job has meant that I cannot spend a small fortune on beauty products. I’m normally a bit of a high street girl, but will invest in some expensive products now and again, however I am completely in love with the Cien products which I have been buying from my work. I have bought the nail polish £1, mascara £1, moisturiser £1.99, shampoo 75p and conditioner 75p, hand cream £1.99, body moisturiser £1.99, nail polish remover £1.99, deodorant 99p and they are AMAZING! The make up range is pretty good for everyday wear, they also have lip gloss, lipstick and foundation, the colours are limited however that shouldn’t put you off. There is a selection of moisturisers too and I have gone for 24 moisture as the winter wind does no good for my skin!

The biggest thing for me however, is the shampoo and conditioner. After years of dying, straightening and curling my hair, it is now quite dry and brittle, I have tried LOTS of brands and even spent a small fortune on products to help fix my hair and the Cien products have proved to leave my hair shiny and silky smooth. The results were instant and bloody amazing, it’s crazy to think how cheap they are! A definite must buy. 

If you’re looking for beauty on a budget then pop into your nearest Lidl store and pick them up and see for yourself!


Review: Olay In Shower Body Lotion.

It’s been a long time since I last did a review post, however I do feel that this product is worthy of one because I love it!

Olay’s In Shower Body Lotion is my new favourite product, especially in this cold weather! When winter strikes I tend to get dry skin, this is an absolute pain as I cannot always be bothered to apply moisturiser when I come out of the shower or bath, I do sometimes pop some baby oil into my shower puff or in the bath, but thought I would give it a bash.

I am a huge fan of Olay products and loved their body wash which they discontinued years ago, it would leave my skin feeling like I had moisturised, I bought it from Costco and haven’t found it since. So when I noticed this I did wonder if it would leave my skin feeling as good as the body wash (RIP) and…….. IT DOES! Now, this product is not a body wash so you will not apply this to the body puff, you will use your normal body wash and apply then In Shower Body Lotion all over your body and rinse…. once out of the shower pat your body dry and you’re left feeling silky smooth. Goodbye dull dry winter skin, hello glowing soft skin! This product is highly recommended and I suggest that you go out and purchase it, now!


Review: Andrew Barton Glamour Waves.

At the weekend I picked up a new hair dryer and and Andrew Barton’s Glamour Waves from Argos, it wasn’t my intent to buy another hair styler, but it was discounted and I thought ‘why not’.

I already have 2 pairs of curling tongs, hair straighteners and now I have these!

They are great for creating waves, I normally just plat my hair if I want waves but they never stay in and always go flat, but with these bad boys the wave lasts all day and night! Even when I woke up the next again day they were still perfect.

Now my hair (as you will see) looked a tad 80’s, but that was only because I did a tight wave and started from the top of my head.

These are my new fav product!


This is my sponsored post for, enjoy!

Now I’m sure most of you in the UK and Europe will be familiar with this website if not the adverts!

SHOES!  What woman (or man?!) does not love a good pair of shoes?!  I myself have in the near 100 pairs and the collection is still growing!  Anyone who reads my blog will know I have a shopping obsession (problem?!) and whenever I have a good find I like to share and this I am sharing with you, no need to thank me.

Don’t be fooled however into believing that they only sell shoes on  No no no!  They also have a wide rage of clothing, accessories and beauty products and also cater for men and children.  Zalando have been around in Europe for a while but only now have they branched out into the UK market and with so many different brands you are spoilt for choice! 

I have since purchased this beautiful Motel dress and I LOVE it!

Motel CELESTE Dress – £45

I also have my eye on a few items which are my wants of the month. 

Jeffrey Campbell LITA – £120

Converse – £37

MW Matthew Williamson Scarf – £210

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 With  Zalando you get free P&P,  3-4 days for delivery and 30 days return you can’t go wrong!

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Another Ombre Hair Do.

I have gone from light to dark ombre to dark to light!  I do prefer this colouring to the previous, I’ve had a few compliments asking where I got it done and they were surprised to hear that I had done it myself!

I just dyed my hair a nice brown colour and used a intense blonde colour to lighten the tips which I blended so to make it look smother. 

Review: Babyliss Glamour Waves.

I picked up these little beauts on Saturday when out with my mum and Jaimie, I am already the owner of a pair of hair tongs but the Babyliss Glamour Waves have a large barrel which gives you loser and sexier curls.  I have been longing for a pair with a larger barrel for yonks and these were only £19.99 from Argos, they are easy to use and works a treat giving you gorgeous waves and curls!  A definite must have for us ladies, using these can change your look within a matter of minutes which is always a plus! 

Review: Benefit Brows A – Go – Go.

I picked up this little bad boy from the internet for tenner(!) instead of full price and it is now used part of my everyday routine.  I normally just pencilled my eyebrows in and popped a bit of clear mascara on the top, but this fabby little box has everything you need to create a great shape and filler.

You first of all apply the brow wax with the ‘hard’ end if the brush to each eyebrow and then choose your colour to fill in the brows, if needed you use the mini tweezers to pluck the excess hairs.  You then apply the highlighter underneath the arch of the brow and dab a few spots of the bright pink cream to the corner of each eye, et voila beautiful eyebrows!  Again, I don’t have a before or after as I’m rubbish, soz!