Sassy Snowlady.

Friday it snowed. IT ACTUALLY SNOWED IN EDINBURGH. The weather women and men of the UK have been rambling on about us Scots getting some snow for weeks now and to say I was super happy when I noticed the first few flakes was an understatement(!).

Jaimie met me after work and we walked home together in what can only be described as a blizzard, that was great fun, although I did not enjoy inhaling snowflakes…

It snowed most of Friday night and on Saturday morning me and Jaimie got up and had a mini snowball fight before I started making my snowlady. She had started life as a he, just your typical snowman with stones for eyes and twigs for arms and mouth, I then decided he looked bare and though it would be nice to get him some accessories, in the form of a hat. So I nipped into the house and started to look out a hat, when I can across THE WIG, this was a £2 wig that I bought in ASDA during the Halloween season. Anyway’s… I took the wig, popped it on his (now her head) and thought that there was something missing, BOOBS! I sculpted her a pair of boobies and tada! I was left with some sassy snowlady and I obviously took lots of pictures.

I haven’t named her and I think it’s a bit late to do so, now that she has mostly melted away, but here are some pictures of her (and me).



The Weekend.


This weekend has been spent with my friends and Jaimie.

Saturday Night


After my shift at work I popped along to TGI Fridays to meet my friends for our Christmas night oot.  Sadly not everyone could make it as Amy was ill and with Martin’s new arrival (puppy Jess) he was busy being a daddy, anyhoos’ I got there for 10pm and when I arrived everybody was in a merry mood.  I had to catch up, but that was easy as I had very little to eat at work, I had just finished a 10 hour shift and I was sleepy.  After my strawberry daiquiri, rusty nail and long island ice tea I started to feel the effects!  Now TGI’s ain’t cheap, but the cocktails are gorgeous and mixologists kept us entertained with flinging bottles about the joint.  We stayed there for a couple of hours and then headed along to the new Lloyds bar on George St. the Alexander Graham Bell, I didn’t like it there much and only stayed for one drink, by this point Paul was well and truly sloshed so he decided to go home as did Rach.  Me, Lisa, Susan, Claire & Kevin headed along to Maccy D’s for some well deserved scran and then headed home.  I was in my bed for 2am!



I had the WHOLE day off and I wan’t going to waste it.  It’s very rare that I get a day at the weekend off so I try and make sure I do something productive (unless I really fancy a lazy day!).  So Jaimie came round to mine around 12ish and we made tracks to go and see my granny, got her some shopping in and didn’t leave until 3pm, from grans we took a walk through Arthurs Seat, which is closed on a Sunday and would have been closed anyway’s, due to the snow.  It was fabby, we felt like rebels walking along the roads.  The park was busy and full of people snowboarding, sledging, cycling & jogging, one man who was in full running gear, was running with no shoes on!  We threw snowballs, kicked snow at each other and took a lot of pictures.

We thought it be best to go for a hot drink after our big walk and there is nowhere better than the Sheep’s Heid, which is situated in Duddingston Village.  It’s the oldest pub in Scotland and it’s not far from my hoose, which makes it my local.  The plan was to have some of their home made mulled wine,  but sadly for us they had ran out, so I opted for a hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and whipped cream, where’s Jaimie had an Irish coffee.  They were both delish and well recommended to have if you pop in to the Sheep’s Heid.  Once we had finished there we made the short journey back to mine where we had some home made lasagne and snuggled up in bed and watched a film, perfect ending to a pretty good day.

Snowed in? Time To Watch Christmas 24.


That’s me been off college since Tuesday and I won’t be going back until next Tuesday, I’m also on my holidays from work.  Which means I have all this extra spare time on hands and I’m unsure what I should be doing with it?!


That’s where Christmas 24 comes in!  (Channel 420 on Virgin).  This is a fabby channel dedicated to all you Christmas film lovers out there, it’s very addictive once you get watching!  Right now I have on ‘Mrs Santa Claus’, which stars Angela Lansbury (from Murder She Wrote fame and ‘Mrs Potts’ Beauty & The Beast), it was made in 1996 and it’s all about Mrs Claus getting out there and exploring New York in the 1900’s.  Tis not bad apart from the terrible accents, there is also quite a bit of singing… Thank god I love musicals!


As you would have guessed it, by the name of the channel the films are on 24/7.  So whenever you are feeling like a pick me up or need to be brought into the Christmas spirit I would turn this on and watch one of the many movies!

Fun In The Snow.

Today was the perfect snow day, so Jaimie (the other half) came round to mine in the afternoon and spent the day constructing a GIANT snowman and snowboy.  I was going to compete, but I got too cold and retired to the back room and where I took lots of pictures of his efforts.  I did however manage to fit in a snowball fight beforehand, and got Jaimie a fair few times!

He spent HOURS and HOURS rolling the body of the snowman around the garden, and he was HUGE!  Jaimie was very proud of his efforts and so he should have been, I know I couldn’t have done any better!

The snow in my garden was at least 5-6 inches deep, which helped when building the snowman as he was not going to run out of snow any time soon!

We also had and still have a lot of icicles hanging from our guttering, they looked beautiful when glistening in the sunlight (which we did manage to have a little of today!).  Jaimie sadly ripped the biggest one off so he could see it, but I have ‘saved’ it and popped it in the freezer, for… safe keeping?! I don’t know…

Anyhoo’s, after 2 and a half hours the snowman and snowboy were finished and I along with Jaimie and my family were proud as punch to see them.  They are sitting in the middle of the garden acting as scarecrows!  Fingers crossed the foxes don’t attack them as they did my lil’ fella, R.I.P!

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow.

This was the blanket of snow covering my garden on Sunday, it’s BEAUTIFUL!  I do love the snow, what I don’t love is when it compacts into ice, it was ‘sad times’ for me when I fell on Friday evening.








I had a lovely walk home from work on Saturday through the snow, the flakes in Town were HUGE and I was trying to catch them.  Most of the flakes landed on my eyelashes, making it look as though I was wearing falses!

When I arrived home, there was a lovely surprise in the form of fairy lights on the apple tree in our back garden.  It makes the garden light up and looks magical.

It’s got me in the mood for Christmas!