Green Fingers.

Nearly a year after moving into our house we are now making a start on our garden! We’ve started growing our own veg in the greenhouse, cleaned out one of the sheds and we’re now ‘landscaping’.
I’ve never really had ‘green fingers’ and the only gardening I have done (ha!) is watch my dad from the garden room whilst I sipped on a martini and lemonade! But now I’m taking this very seriously and I don my best ‘garden getup’ (joggers and an old top) and I have also purchased gardening gloves for my little lady hands. Now, I’m not very good at it and in two days I have broken two hoes and chipped a shovel, which tells us I’m either terribly strong or using them wrong…
Both Sen and Moss are very curious and will try and ‘help’ by licking things and trying to catch flys, which as you can imagine is such A BIG HELP.

Anyhoo’s, we have big plans for the front, side and back garden, hopefully we can have it all done before the end of the summer and then we can start on the house. Fingers crossed…






I Drink Cava In Parks.

A couple of weeks ago Edinburgh was hotter then hot!  And on this day I promised some of my work buds that we would go clothes shopping, so we got a little group together (6 of us) and hit the town.  It was a great laugh trying on clothes and getting a spot of lunch from The Standing Order, in the evening we thought it would be the prefect ending to the day by buying some booze and hitting up the Meadows.  The park was buzzing, there was mini BBQ’s, people handing out fruit and juice, singing and a boot camp(!), the shows were also in town and some ‘banging’ tunes were drifting in our direction.  We bought some beers, cider and I had my rose cava, I was deemed the classy-est out of our bunch with my choice of alcoholic beverages.  

(Abbie and Myself doing our best ‘ya’ hairdos.)

That night I was supposed to go to Jaimie’s for dinner, but I stayed out with my friends instead.. (bad Kathryn!).  Even though Jaimie fell out with me (for 2 days) I am glad I stayed out, after the Meadows we headed along to The Tron for cheap drinks and called upon some more of our friends to come along, from there we got some pizza and then went back to Abbie’s where I had THE best laugh!  A couple of us stayed over and the next day it was even hotter!  Myself and Mike walked from Abbie’s into town where we got some food and a frappuccino, which was much needed!  Another amazing day/night! 

Pauly And Me.

Last Thursday one of my bestie’s Paul came round for a visit, I hadn’t seen Paul for a couple of weeks so it was lovely to see him!  We spent the couple of hours that he was here sitting out in the sunshine, drinking delish wine, listening to good music and having some amazing chat.  This NEEDS to happen more often! 




Pictures Of The Weekend.

This weekend has been nice, we have had family visits and I have taken up a couple of new hobbies, knitting and cross stitch.  I will no doubt blog about my knitting and cross stitch adventures in the coming weeks, but for now here are some pictures taken over the weekend.  I do hope everyone had a lovely Easter!


On Saturday my friend Lisa decided to have a BBQ at her house as her family are away in The Big Apple, she was up into the wee small hours cutting up veg, making puddings and cleaning her house for our arrival.  Luckily the weather wasn’t too bad and we sat out in her back garden and munched on the piles upon piles of food!  Everyone seemed to have a good time (even though some peeps fell asleep!), but sadly me and Jaimie didn’t stay that late as I had to get up for work the next again day. 

Castle Baggin’.

Last weekend myself and Jaimie took a little trip to Dumfries and Galloway to do a lil’ Castle (and Abbey) bagging.  What is castle bagging I hear you ask (…)?  It’s basiclly touring lots of Castle’s…

As J and myself are Historic Scotland members we get into any of there sites for free (but pay a small monthly fee to HS for our membership).

Jaimie had hired a car which made it a lot easier for us to get about as I don’t think we would have got to see half of the places if we had to use public transport!

Anyway’s, we had a great time and the weather was fabby!  So now I’ll bore you with some pictures, if I could remember the names of the Castles and Abbey’s I would tell you, but alas I cannot.  To visit one of them we had to get a wee boat(!).  We also had a look at an abandoned church and an old Mill House, so it’s not all Castle’s and Abbey’s!

I have had to divide the posts into 3 so I can show all the pictures I want to!  We visited Castle’s, Abbey’s, Old Mill House, Cream O’ Galloway and The National Costume Museum (hence the divide).

(Phew!  Thank god thanks over with I hear you cry!)


This afternoon myself and my favourite man took a wander along Portobello Promenade, considering it is the school holiday’s and it was lovely weather (minus the wind) that the beach was not busy at all!  Not that I mind…. Anyhoo’s, I took some pictures whilst down there and have decided that since all my other posts are picture heavy and word light, that I might just pop more pictures up!  I intend on producing a more word heavy post in the next day or two, but for now this is all you’re getting!

Faking It.

Now that summer is here I think it’s time to slap on some fake tan, there’s nothing nicer than walking around in the sun with a golden glow!  Many years ago I used to use St. Tropez at £30 a bottle(!) I love the stuff and it does give you a beautiful glow, but then I discovered St. Moriz  (available from Semi-Chem) and it’s only £2.99 a bottle!  This stuff comes in two forms, a spray and moose.  I prefer the moose as it goes on like a dream, but the spray is just as good and both don’t leave streaks (unless you don’t apply properly), the smell is not too overpowering either, kind of like biscuits.. Which is no bad thing unless your not a fan of biscuits that is!  This is an instant tan and when you apply can make you look a lot darker than you want to be, but once you have washed it off 8 or so hours later you are left with a stunning colour (it lasts up to a week).  St. Moriz has also now introduced a darker colour for those of you out there who might want a darker looking tan.