Summer. Yey.

So, it is officially summer… We have had a few days of sunshine and heat which has been fantastic,  even as I type, I am laying in the garden getting my vitamin D!
This bout of good weather certainly makes for happier people. Sadly due to my shifts, when the weather is beautiful and I am off work I have no one to play with. Thankfully, Jaimie is on felxi time and he’s normally home at 3:30pm, this avo we have done a spot of shopping, are now relaxing on the grass and I have a glass of coconut rum & coke in hand with a bottle of Asti (my new fave drink) in the fridge for later… Mum and Dad will be popping along for a few glasses and a ‘chin wag’.

The best things about summer are the clothes, I can wear summer dresses, skirts, beautiful shoes and sometimes I don’t even wear a jacket(!) and also the FOOD, bbqs and a lot of salads are consumed (however, tonight will be steak) and with that, comes alfresco dining.

I’m hoping to get a lot of done in the summer months, including the garden, the house, mini trips and adventures with my man, family and best buddies! I just hope I can get some weekends off…





Green Fingers.

Nearly a year after moving into our house we are now making a start on our garden! We’ve started growing our own veg in the greenhouse, cleaned out one of the sheds and we’re now ‘landscaping’.
I’ve never really had ‘green fingers’ and the only gardening I have done (ha!) is watch my dad from the garden room whilst I sipped on a martini and lemonade! But now I’m taking this very seriously and I don my best ‘garden getup’ (joggers and an old top) and I have also purchased gardening gloves for my little lady hands. Now, I’m not very good at it and in two days I have broken two hoes and chipped a shovel, which tells us I’m either terribly strong or using them wrong…
Both Sen and Moss are very curious and will try and ‘help’ by licking things and trying to catch flys, which as you can imagine is such A BIG HELP.

Anyhoo’s, we have big plans for the front, side and back garden, hopefully we can have it all done before the end of the summer and then we can start on the house. Fingers crossed…





I’m Back!

After over a month of not bothering to blog, tonight is the night that I make an appearance! It was quite nice to have the break, get on with things and not having to worry about typing up a post every other night.

So what have I been doing for the past month I hear you ask…? No… Oh.

I’ve been on a mini break to the Cairngorms for Jaimie’s 29th were we spent everyday visiting distilleries, although we did manage to fit in a reindeer feeding sesh, which was amazing! Spent plenty of time in the sun whether it be at a beach or just sunbathing in the back garden, BBQ’s with my best chums, going out for dinner with the family and extended family, bike rides, shopping, dying my hair many colours, antique shopping, drinking pinas coldadas, driving a car, faking it, bird watching, booking holiday’s, Castle visits, boat trips, visiting museums & Jubilee fun.

I think that’s it…!

I will now bore you with some pictures of my last month.

I’m hoping that I will keep this more regular, not daily but definitely not monthly.

Zoo Day.

Today Jaimie and I took a trip to the zoo, we have had tickets for ages, but today was the day! We woke up super early and hopped on a number 26 bus and got off just opposite Edinburgh Zoo, as we made our way across the road we noticed that there was a queue building and that a school bus with about 30 kids had arrived. To avoid being stuck behind all the school kids Jaimie and I ran up the stairs!

I wasn’t sure that we would be able to see the Panda’s but we were lucky enough to get a ticket!

Thankfully it was a stunning day and all the animals were out in force, we started from the bottom and worked our way up to the top which was an effort for me. I am tres unfit! I had to leave at 2pm as I was away to meet my friend Mike and I just left Jaimie at the Zoo to take pictures, which he was happy doing.

Anyway’s here’s a few of my many pictures that I took today.

Jolly Holiday Part 1.

TA DA!  And here it is one if my (1? 2? 3? More?) holiday posts.  Norfolk is a lovely place to visit and Norwich a fab City, full of interesting building and some good shopping. 

This is the day we went into Norwich to visit the Castle/ Museum and the Cathedral.  I also dragged Jaimie round the shops for a spot to retail therapy which you can never have too much of!  Sadly that day was quite rainy and windy, however we did get a spot of sun the afternoon which was much needed.  There will be a second post where we’re back in Norwich and it’s all about the market. 


What A Weekend.

Well this weekend was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time(!).  I had the Saturday off which I spent with Jaimie and my nearest and dearest, during the day I was down at my local beach (Portobello) where Jaimie and myself met up with Lisa and puppy Mac for some fun.  I then thought it would be a nice idea to invite my friends round for some much needed banter and drinks, so I sent the texts round and they started arriving at mine at 8pm.  The night continued until 3am and it seems that everyone had a fabby time as did I (it’s been so long since I’ve been with my friends), but I was knackered when they left! 

Sunday morning I awoke and got ready for work (for a 10 hour shift!), sleepy and in a ‘I can’t be bothered going to work’ attitude, but I got into work for 12 and was amazed to see work completely dead.  And was so very very happy when my boss asked me if I wanted to finish early as work wasn’t going to pick up, I jumped at the chance!  So after two and half hours work I was cashed up and sent on my way!  I knew my buds where planning a wee trip away so I joined them on the journey to Cramond beach where walked along in the sand and just sat about enjoying the sun and the company.  I’m hoping next weekend can be just as fun!