Round Up.

It’s been a while! A good few months since I have typed a post. I was hoping to keep this more regular, but I’ve been working long shifts and when I’m off, I’m either cleaning the house or spending time with Jaimie/family/friends.
However, as I lay here in this lovley warm bubble bath, I thought I might post a little bit about what I have been up to in the last few months, so here we go…!

We have a new addition to the family, his name is Moss (named after racing driver, Sterling Moss). When we collected him, we would have been no older than 6-7 weeks, he was absolutely tiny! He has since grown and is extremely adventurous! Senna and Moss did not take to each other right away, but after 2 months of separation they are now best of friends and follow each other round the house and chase each other up tress and around the garden! I have turned into a crazy cat lady and I’m not ashamed,  as anyone with a pet will know, they are your adopted fluffy (or scaly) babies.

Now… I’m trying to think what happened in Feb… I think this was just a month of working a lot, lovley 10 hour shifts and waking up at 5am… Can’t beat it!
(I just checked my Twitter account) I didn’t really do much. Helped my friend gut her flat and had a lovely valentine’s evening with Jaimie.
February – DONE.

In March I did a lot more!
Jaimie had bought us tickets to see Swan Lake at The Playhouse, it was good, not great, but good. I LOVE ballet, ballet and tap were my first dance classes as a child and I continued for quite a while until I thought I was too cool, I completely regret that now! I was even considering taking it up again… I just really want my point shoes!

I was once again at the theatre, this time The Festival Theatre to see Singing In The Rain with my mum and two great aunties. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! We were singing along and I wanted to get up on stage and splash about in the rain(!). If it comes back to Edinburgh, it is a definite ‘must see’. I’m now on a mission to get tickets for Top Hat!

This was the month that I caught a stinking cold and it was THE WORST. I have to tak 3 days off work, just to try an shake it! Thankfully now I have recovered.

Lisa, finally(!) moved into her flat which is just a mintues walk from my house. Some of the gang got together and helped move all her belongings and in the evening I had an impromptu gathering at my house, which many an alcoholic beverage was consumed!

Kirsty (Jaimies little sister) finally arrived back from her 14 months of travelling and we held a surprise dinner for their Mum and Dad at ours. It went down a treat and she finally got to meet her Nephew, his mum, the kittens and see the house, all in one eveing!

Me and Jay went aboard the Royal Yacht Britania for the second time in our 6 and a half years together, we had great fun and managed to pick up some delicious fudge.

I got to spend an afternoon with my Maw & Paw who took me out for lunch, we descended on the Foresters Guild in Portobello. Now, this just to be an old mans pub that I never frequented, however, it’s now under new management and the place is buzzing! The food was amazing and it was lovley to spend time with my parents.

I won a champagne and hotdog dinner at The Flying Dog, a new hotdog eatery in Leith a while back and we finally went last night and it was fantastic. We nipped into the Whisky Society beforehand for a drink.

That’s it for now, not sure if I have forgotten anything… And as you can see, this ‘little’ post ain’t so little!

Cheery bye chaps!


We’re Late For A Very Important Date.

Yesterday I took my mum to see the Scottish Ballet’s contemporary version of Alice (In Wonderland) at the Festival Theatre and it was FAB!  The choreography, music, set design, costumes and visuals were spectacular and would highly recommend seeing it.

I had bought the tickets about a month ago and though it would be nice to take my wee mummy, we got a taxi up to the theatre which was great as now that I am on crutches it’s had for me to get about.  We arrived with 20 minutes to spare and we made our way to the ticket office and asked if it would be possible to move me to an aisle seat, the staff were fantastic and made the necessary arrangements (our seat were 3 rows from the front!).  We had a fantastic view and settled down to watch the performance.  We loved it!  I love ballet and this was one of the best I have seen and it was great having that contemporary edge to it rather than just the classical style.  Seeing this makes me want to take up ballet again! 

Jack And The Beanstalk.

imageAnother trip to the theatre was had and this time round it was to the panto!  I hadn’t been for a couple of years and again these tickets were purchased via my mums work, so we managed to get them at a discounted price.  This time there was a huge group of us which included my aunties, uncles, cousins, their children, my mum and Jaimie, Jaimie had not been tot the panto for 20 years and was not looking forward to it.. But I dragged him there anyhoos(!).

imageEvery year at The Kings Theatre they put on a panto and this years was Jack And The Beanstalk which is running to Sunday 23rd Jan 2011.  As with all of these panto’s they have they usual line up, including Allan Stewart, Andy Gray and Grant Stott (From Edinburgh number one radio station, Forth One) who ALWAYS plays the baddie.  It was hilarious!  The place was packed and the jokes were going down a treat as were the songs, the highlight of the show was that my cousins daughter was picked to go up on stage and help the fairy transform ‘princess Apricot’ into Cheryl Cole (Tweedy or whatever she wants to be called these days).

People may think the panto is only for the kids, but the people who think or say that are no fun!  I had a lovely time with the family and hope to be going back next year.