Pictures Of The Week/Weekend.

So Friday was The Royal Wedding and what a wedding it was!  Kate’s dress was stunning and they both looked so in love which was beautiful to see, people seem to think the Royal’s as a tad stiff but Friday showed a different side to them, it also showed how it brought the nation together.  Of course there was a majority that didn’t or couldn’t care less, but when you seen the crowds in London and the rest of the country’s celebration’s it was a lovely site!  I would have loved to have been down in London, the atmosphere must have been electric!  

The rest of the weekend was lovely, I spent Friday night with some of my bestest where we consumed some alcohol, food, good banter and I watched them play on the Kinect (Paul’s dancing was… something to behold!), Saturday I spent the day with Jaimie, sitting in the sun with good music, good chat and cider, in the evening we played a game of Trivial Pursuit….. Jaimie won (it was sooooo close!) and yesterday I spent it with my mum shopping.  I also spent the weekend painting my nails, receiving presents from J’s mum and dad, finding old photo’s, stripping my hair and getting rid of my nose stud for a hoop.  No idea what the plan’s for today are but I hope they are good plans. 



imageWell what can you say about My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on channel 4 Monday nights 9pm?!…  A LOT would be the answer(!).  It is one if the best car crash TV programmes on at the moment and it features the lives of Gypsy families, their weddings and communions.

The show features different families each week and gives you more of an insight into their communities, which tends to be quite private as they don’t like to integrate.  Last year channel 4 did a one off show of the same name and it’s back by popular demand!

One of the best things about this programme is the DRESSES, wow!  God only knows who they can afford any of it, but they manage and they manage well enough to put on a show!  The girls are brought up for marriage and are taught how to look after their future husbands and the family home, the men work and the women are the mothers and home-makers.  They are a very religious community and there is a strict no sex before marriage rule, but people tend to judge these girls because of how they dress and even dance, which can be seen a provocative.

imageWhen it comes to the wedding dresses the girls will try and make them bigger and better than anyone else, the dresses no doubt cost thousands and a lot of time and effort has gone into making them.  They have a top designer of Gypsy dress making and she is situated in Liverpool, so the families have to travel now and again to see how their ‘creation’ is getting on.  Some of these dresses can weigh up to 20stone!  Can you imagine having to wear a dress that is twice the weight of you?!  No, would be my answer, I have no idea how these girls it, you kinda have to admire them for the dedication to the cause….

If you haven’t seen it you should, it is an eye opener to say the least!

Snowed in? Time To Watch Christmas 24.


That’s me been off college since Tuesday and I won’t be going back until next Tuesday, I’m also on my holidays from work.  Which means I have all this extra spare time on hands and I’m unsure what I should be doing with it?!


That’s where Christmas 24 comes in!  (Channel 420 on Virgin).  This is a fabby channel dedicated to all you Christmas film lovers out there, it’s very addictive once you get watching!  Right now I have on ‘Mrs Santa Claus’, which stars Angela Lansbury (from Murder She Wrote fame and ‘Mrs Potts’ Beauty & The Beast), it was made in 1996 and it’s all about Mrs Claus getting out there and exploring New York in the 1900’s.  Tis not bad apart from the terrible accents, there is also quite a bit of singing… Thank god I love musicals!


As you would have guessed it, by the name of the channel the films are on 24/7.  So whenever you are feeling like a pick me up or need to be brought into the Christmas spirit I would turn this on and watch one of the many movies!