Review: Liz Earle – Cleanse & Polish

I’ve always been a fan of Liz Earle products, it all started with my mums 90’s QVC obsession, she bought one LE face wash and that was me hooked!

The Cleanse & Polish, Hot Cloth Cleanser is a favorite of mine. All Liz Earle products are made with natural ingredients and included in the Cleanse & Polish are: cocoa butter, rosemary, chamomile, hops and eucalyptus. All of these ingredients are to help soften, moisturise, tone and purify.

This is super easy and quick to do, apply all over face and neck, take the muslin cloth, rinse in hot water, use the cloth to wipe the cream off and finally give your face a splash with cold water. Afterwards your skin looks healthy and soft, honestly it’s amazing how good your skin looks and feels afterwards.

So ladies and gents, if you’re looking for some seriously good looking skin, give this a go, you won’t be disappointed!



What I Wore.

Today me and Jaimie went for a walk from Portobello to Musselburgh and this is what I wore.

Leggings, oversized army shirt, creepers, jacket, bobble beanie and bag.

Twas a lovely day for a walk, not too chilly and only a smattering of rain. I managed to pick up my winter cider from Lidl, which made me super happy!

I am in the process of lightening my hair, but we shall find out tomorrow if it has worked. I have only stripped it today, tomorrow is D day!

Anyway here are some pictures!







He Ate Snails.

Yuk.  During the week myself and my favourite boy went out for dinner, Jaimie has picked up a deal on Groupon for La Rusticana which included 2 starters, 2 mains (pizza, pasta) and a bottle of house wine.  Dinner was lovely and I would recommend going there for some eats, but the reason for this post was to show you the snails in garlic that Jaimie ordered…. He had never tried them before and wanted to be adventurous, it took him about 3 minutes to get the first snail out of it’s home(!), to remove them he was given a couple of utensils and he had no idea how to use them, which made for some entertaining viewing!  


I have not blogged for such a very long time due to many a thing happening in my life, but in the next couple of days I shall have LOTS and LOTS of blogs for you to feast your eyes on(!).  From nights out, days away, new puppy and a HUGE ‘I Went Shopping’ post.

Hunners of love! 


Statement Events Presents.

MS Charity Fashion Show!  After MONTHS and MONTHS of planning and organising our fashion show was held in GHQ last Tuesday.The experience amazing and was completely worth it and we managed to raise over £700(!) for MS Scotland.

The day started off by popping into college for 2 hours and then after that we hopped in to Laura’s car and drove to many a place to collect items for the show, the girls had already picked up the clothing so it was only the smaller things we needed.  2pm came along and I was left in the venue to complete risk assessments and start setting up for the models and hair dressers as the girls continued to collect things.  It started to get busy when the models, designers and hair dressers arrived, the whole club was buzzing with excitement for the night ahead.

7pm was the time the guests arrived and at 6:50pm there was already a queue outside!  We had 84 tickets and only one was left at the end of the night, it was packed!  The show went without any major hiccups (apart from the microphone not working), everyone who attended commented on how amazing the show was and how well we had done.

Us girls are so ecstatic with what we have achieved and don’t think we could have done any better!

The clothing was supplied by Republic, Lady Jo Jo’s, Go Diva, Dorothy Perkins, Pretty Woman  and 2 students from Gala.

New (Vintage) Camera.

Last Saturday I purchased my vintage camera, I have been wanting one for ages from this little antiques shop that I have visited a couple of times.  The camera is from the 1920’s as is the case that came with it and is an Ensign made in London, it’s in fabby condition and still works all I need to do is find and buy some spool (also learn how to use it!).  I have been looking online and people are selling it for a lot more than I paid for it!

(Not the best pictures)

NYC Blues.

I am in a depressed state today, my friends are off to The Big Apple and I am stuck in dreary Edinburgh.  I had the opportunity to go with them and the funds but what held me back was college and the situation with J’s gran.  I know they will have a fantastic time, but I just wish I was there with them.
They better bring me back Lucky Charms! (I have put a request in).
Looks like I’ll have to make do with being stuck here, sad times.

We Went For A Walk.

After waiting 3 hours for Jaimie to help move out his little brother he came home and brought with him an AMAZING breakfast roll from a cafe called Mama’s Kitchen, haggis and bacon which was yum in my tum.  Once that had been consumed we decided it would be nice to go for a walk, the weather is still rubbish, but today was the best it has been in nearly a week!

Jaimie doesn’t live too far away from Blackford pond where we started our journey, strangely for a Saturday it was quiet only a few dog walkers and joggers.






imageWe had a lovely walk through there when we ended up in Morningside where we window shopped and popped into Nero Cafe for a drink, I had a lovely iced tea and Jaimie had an orange juice.  From there Jaimie took me to this little place just off the main street and it is a small western town!  It has a Saloon, Jail, Train Station amongst others, it’s such a strange but fabby wee place in such a random setting.




imageAfter that we headed home, we wanted to be back in time to catch the rugby, Scotland Vs France, we lost but I was more interested in the players(!).  Poor Jaimie….