Witness The Fitness.

HA! Don’t be fooled by the title, I am in no way fit, but I am getting there.

If you have read my blog before you would have read a ‘few’ posts, mainly in January about me joining the gym or starting an exercise regime/healthy eating which I intended to stick to… Now, I did mange to stick to them for a while (month or so) and then I would go back to being lazy and stuffing my face (which I still enjoy doing, I’m only human…), but this time I’ve managed to stick to it.

In January (what a surprise!) I joined Slimming World and during my time with them I managed to lose about a stone (I went up and down), but sadly I’ve had to give it up due to my financial situation (less money, mo’ problems). I won’t say that I made every meal ‘syn free’, BUT I made quite a few and every meal was tasty, except for one, I decided to ‘go off piste’ and create my own which was a disaster, but we won’t talk about that… Thankfully even though I am no longer attending any of the weigh ins or classes (only stayed for one, the unsocial bitch that I am) I can still get all in the SW info I need on the World Wide Web. One of the best websites/blogs for recipes and also a good laugh is Two Chubby Cubs, I urge you to go and read their blog even if you aren’t following the SW lifestyle, also a good place to get recipes and info on ‘syns’ is on Pinterest and Facebook (there are tons of pages that you can follow).

Along with the SW lifestyle I’ve also been exercising a TON and can actually see the change in my body, which is such a confidence boost(!) and I’ve also got A LOT more energy that I didn’t previously have. I have been using a range of apps to help me keep fit and on track and I have a heap of them on my phone, I like to switch things up as I get bored easily and my favorite apps are: 8fit – pre fixed workouts which you can tailor the exercises to suit your level of fitness, Asana Rebel – this app offers you pre fixed yoga workouts, Bodyweight – this has a range of workouts and exercises, Fitplan – this has prefixed workouts , Gymster Pro – lets you choose the areas you would like to work on whilst utilising the equipment that you have around you, Sworkit – you chose the length of time you want to work out and also the type of workout you want & Track Yoga – does what it says on the tin, yoga sessions.

I love these apps and I love the variety of each one, now I’m not going to sit here and say I have paid or pay for any of these apps with the exception of Gymster Pro, they aren’t cheap and I cannot afford to be shelling out over £100 per year to have them and ALL of their workouts, but I find that using the free workouts to be just as effective as having access to all of them. That is not say don’t purchase/subscribe to them, if I could afford it I would as you always get more features and content when you do, but right now I’m perfectly happy with using the free workouts and exercise sessions. We’re lucky enough to have enough rooms in our house that I’ve now dedicated the ‘dressing room’ to my workouts and meditation (which I’m also doing, it’s great for your metal health) and I have ‘some’ home gym equipment, I have a workout/yoga mat, bench press, dumbells, kettlebell, resistance bands and my newly acquired gym ball/balance ball (whatever you want to call it). My intention is to re-floor and convert our attic into a gym/music room (I’ve got a drum kit which still resides at my parents 4 years after I moved out…) , the ‘dressing room’ is a good size, but we have 2 large wardrobes and a dressing table in there and I’m now struggling to find space to put my equipment #FirstWorldProblems.


(Excuse the shonky editing…)

This time around I haven’t set myself any goals in the way of ‘I want to lose 10lbs in 2 months’ kinda thing, I’m just exercising eating ‘syn free’ meals all whilst allowing myself a takeaway and that jar of Nutella when I’m in dire need of some hazelnut/chocolate goodness. I’m not going to lie and say that I wouldn’t like to drop a couple of dress sizes and be nice and toned by the time I get married, but as that will probably not happen for a couple of years I have plenty time drop the lbs and I’m not putting any added pressure on myself (because why would you want to do that to yourself, right?!).

Anyway I’m going to give my new exercise ball a go, cheerio! 💪



I caved, I have followed suit and made my blog it’s very own Facebook page! It’s still in the early stages, but if anyone is interested, take a wee look and even ‘Like’ the page if you fancy.


And if you don’t want to, thanks for taking the time to read this teeny wee post!

Zoo Day.

Today me and my chums took a drive to the Five Sisters Zoo (near Livingston) to visit the animals and feed the Lemurs!

It’s about £12 for entrance and a ticket to feed the Lemurs, £7 without the feeding. This is my second time visiting Five Sisters Zoo, it’s not that big and they don’t have all the Animals that Edinburgh Zoo has, but nonetheless there is still quite a bit to see.

Lisa, Rach and Claire decided to feed the Lemurs and I was on picture duty! I had done it before and the last time I was there one of the Lemurs took a little wee on one of the kids and I wasn’t up for that, but I do now wish that I had feed them as it looked like great fun!

Here’s a few pictures taken from today and the link to the Five Sisters Zoo website:


Pie Day.

Today myself and Jaimie made a pie with chicken, leek, mushroom and bacon nonetheless!

For Christmas Jaimie bought me a lovely pie tin(?) and only now are we using it, he found a recipe from the World Wide Web last week and today was the day we finally gave it a go!

The pie was AMAZING and we had two helpings! We are proper stuffed now, but I think I could fit more in my tummy…This is our first ever pie and I can’t believe how well it turned out, it took a bit of preparation but the cooking time was only 20 minutes and it was eaten in 10!

Here are a few pictures from the pie making process, I have also provided the link to the recipe if anyone is interested!


Pop Couture.

I won!  I won a £20 from popcouture.co.uk just for retweeting, I never win anything so I was super chuffed when I seen that I had won.

Now as you all know, I LOVE clothes so it has been tough trying to decide what I would like to purchase with my £20 discount.  I have narrowed it down to two dresses which I thought I would share with ya’ll.  Knowing me I will most likely buy them both…

Ghita Pleated Lace Tea Dress – £25

Latisha Crochet Waistband Skater Dress in Mustard – £13

I Heart Polyvore.

Since joining the Polyvore website I have been spending my time ‘creating’ outfits and here are a few of them.  I am addicted to this site!  Now all I have to do is become super rich so I can buy all of these items… 

Review: Benefit Brows A – Go – Go.

I picked up this little bad boy from the internet for tenner(!) instead of full price and it is now used part of my everyday routine.  I normally just pencilled my eyebrows in and popped a bit of clear mascara on the top, but this fabby little box has everything you need to create a great shape and filler.

You first of all apply the brow wax with the ‘hard’ end if the brush to each eyebrow and then choose your colour to fill in the brows, if needed you use the mini tweezers to pluck the excess hairs.  You then apply the highlighter underneath the arch of the brow and dab a few spots of the bright pink cream to the corner of each eye, et voila beautiful eyebrows!  Again, I don’t have a before or after as I’m rubbish, soz!