Review: Chop Chop.

A couple of weeks ago I was asked if I would like to Review Chop Chop and the obvious answer was yes…

Now, the first time I had heard of Chop Chop was on Gordon Ramseys – The F Word and for YEARS I kept saying I needed to go, but sadly never made the trip.

So, on Wednesday myself and Jaimie made our way to Haymarket for dinner. We were super excited and could not wait to get there, we had already decided what we were going to order days before…!
When we arrived, we were greeted and seated by the lovely waiting staff and were given enough time to peruse the menu, which was a refreshing change from some other establishments.


Our order was taken and we chose, Northern Chicken, Chilli and Beef Dumplings (boiled), Chicken Dumplings (fried), Lamb and Diced Potato, with two bowls of egg fried rice.
My favourites were the Northern Chicken and the Dumplings as I’m not a huge lamb fan, but we loved every mouthful! All plates were empty and tummies were full.
The food was hot, fresh and arrived quickly.




It was quite a challenge for my OH to use the chopsticks, but he got the hang of it by the end of the evening and it was hilarious to watch!


The atmosphere in the restaurant was wonderful, the place was jam packed by the time we left and to see that on a Wednesday evening was impressive!
When a restaurant is busy during the week, you know it’s got to be good!

I cannot recommend Chop Chop enough and we are already planning our next trip!


Chop Chop is situated on Morrison Street (Haymarket).


P.S. Some selected Aldi stores are now stocking Chop Chops tasty dumplings!

*Disclaimer – I was given a meal for two to review the restaurant. All views are my own.  


Goodbye 2012.

And good riddance!

Well not really, my year has been like everybody else’s, it’s had it’s up and down’s LIKE EVERY YEAR and 2013 will be EXACTLY the same. I will go on holiday, have nights in and out with friends and family, work 5 days a week, keep counting the days until the weekend and spend money on things that I do not need. The only exception being that me and Jaimie might have our own place this time next year, that would be nice; no that would be awesome. One step at a time… However on the 5th of Jan we are off to the bank to discuss mortgages and other things that grown up’s talk about when wanting to ‘invest in property’ (ooooh get me!).

Tonight I am off to Edinburgh’s legendary street party, in all my 26 years I have never been. I am not one for big crowds of drunken arseholes, but this year is different as my cousin and his gf have a spare two tickets for myself and Jaimie. I would rather be at a house party or even my own house(!), as I have gotten older I have come to the realisation that I do not care for New Years, it’s boring and it’s just another year… Big whoop… Maybe I have turned into a New Year Scrooge!

I am not going to get drunk as I would like to enjoy go for a nice walk or cycle tomorrow morning (HOW OLD AM I?!), but I do hope that we enjoy ourselves and on the plus side, the buses are free tonight so I won’t be paying a penny to get home.

Anyway’s, I hope everyone has a fab time whatever they decide to do tonight and HAPPY NEW YEAR!