Zoo Day.

Today Jaimie and I took a trip to the zoo, we have had tickets for ages, but today was the day! We woke up super early and hopped on a number 26 bus and got off just opposite Edinburgh Zoo, as we made our way across the road we noticed that there was a queue building and that a school bus with about 30 kids had arrived. To avoid being stuck behind all the school kids Jaimie and I ran up the stairs!

I wasn’t sure that we would be able to see the Panda’s but we were lucky enough to get a ticket!

Thankfully it was a stunning day and all the animals were out in force, we started from the bottom and worked our way up to the top which was an effort for me. I am tres unfit! I had to leave at 2pm as I was away to meet my friend Mike and I just left Jaimie at the Zoo to take pictures, which he was happy doing.

Anyway’s here’s a few of my many pictures that I took today.